September 07 2012

Law Works by Rev Dale

The Master of Creation acts in and upon Itself.  It thinks and becomes All that is, It contemplates perfection and all that It ‘is’ is perfection.  Life unfolds in Divine order.  This Life is my life at the level my apprehension; it is all that I am and my every thought is in alignment with the highest good.

Right now I know that I am living the joy of my right thinking.  The prosperity I experience now is the natural flow of Law in action.  It happens because I know beyond knowing that I am the expression of Divine Affluence in all my affairs. My every encounter is rich and fulfilling, I am a natural magnet to awesome people because the Law is and Light knows only Light; wherever I go there I Am.  I see the joy of being me in every opportunity and creative opportunities pour forth for my good.  It is all so because my thinking is clear and in accord with Infinite good.

I celebrate and rejoice for my good is assured by an exact and all present Law.  It works.  Right here; right now It works; my gratitude abides in the continuity and consistency of Divine Law.  Halleluiah, It Is Working Now.
And So It Is


Affirmation: I know the Law; I use It, and My Life Shows It Now.

Sep 07 12


Today’s Quote: If life is a flow why not just go simply with it without bothering?  The flow seems to take care so well and the more you trust it the more easy it is to flow. ~Dharma


Today’s Affirmation: I embrace the flow and set the current of my Good Today.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Often people mistake ‘going with the flow’ as ‘no action’.  The flow is dynamic and the life that moves with it is forever fresh, active and creative.