August 22 2012

Strong Enough

A Power is Alive in all that I see; springing from the very foundation of substance and form it is that substance.  It exists as the very fabric of life holding sway over all that is visible and being All that is invisible; It is the One Force from which all life finds its breath.  I am that Power, my whole being is made manifest by this Power and all that I conceive is given depth and dimension by Its divine presence.

In my unwavering conviction of the transcendent Force behind my every word and action I find my own strength.  My word creates kingdoms that are unshakable.  Legions move at my command and Love in its unshakable fortitude conquers every little detail.  All good rules my life and experience, great events and small resolve into synchronicity with my every desire and I discover again and again that I am more than strong enough to realize my dreams.  I go forward unflinchingly past the riptides of my own fears and doubts to stand upon the solid ground of my great achievements.

I take those first steps now for I know that by my resolve and faith in my invisible Ally of power and strength my success is already determined. I sing my victory song of gratitude in a spirit of expectancy as I pass my word forth into the strong arm of the Infinite; my team mate of success. It is done Now.
And So It Is                                 August 26th, 2012

Affirmation: I am elevated today by the power of my faith.

Aug 22 12


Today’s Quote: An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. ~Henry David Thoreau


Today’s Affirmation: I embrace in gratitude the freshness of this dawning new day; with every breath wonderful things are coming my way.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Why just this morning I forgave my self for placing conditions and limitations on the love I once gave.  With this blessing of a new day I was able to bring more love to my family, my friends and my whole world.  Thanks be to the Beloved who forever dances in my heart and for the gift I gave myself in my morning visit.