August 09 2012


I Stand for the Vision

There is One Life, Author of all that is visible and invisible, Divine Creator and Master of Life.  I am One with this Infinite and all that it is, my life is the outflow of this One and is the individualization of perfection. My thoughts extend from the One and are made manifest.

I see clearly a pattern of perfection that reverberates from the core and essence of my being.  I am attuned to it; it resonates and blossoms from my soul, my core; it is who I am.  It is the vision of my being, the vision of One life living Its truth of peace, love and joy extend through the pores of my body and the breath of my senses.  I am imbued with Divine Vision and my every action is alive with the anticipation of its unfolding.  I live from this vision; I act from it and my world reflects it in detail.

Great things are already happening now in my world and I rejoice and celebrate from the power of my passion fulfilled.  It is done now and released into Source wholly right Now.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I am one with the community of my dreams; bigger, better and more fulfilled than ever I had imagined before.