July 25 2012

Treatment – Lifted In Joy by Rev Dale

Infinite Life springs forth in Joy incomprehensible; It moves all life into greater vistas of celebration in Its urge to know Itself in wholeness, fullness and completeness.  Ever extending the Love of Its being into the intelligent and joy filled expression of Its supreme magnificence it individualizes into multiplicity.  The One stands witness to Itself as me, in me and through me; and by my word I attest to the infinite patterns of joyous perfection.

My life is a joy; in every way it reaches into the possibility of perfection.  Through dedication to the principle of oneness I bind my every action and experience to all that is good.  With every thought of peace, joy and the communion of wellbeing I enhance my society, culture and environment.  I find deeper ties with those I love and those I meet.  Every moment is a co-incidence as I am bound in vibration to all patterns of joy everywhere.  Things go well, for life is good, and the experience of play dominates even my most rigorous and challenging moments.  As joy dominates all my affairs I realize that my life is Joy now.

My heart sings joy; gratitude and thankfulness define my every word and action as Joy is revealed at the most fundamental vibrational level of my being.  From this vibration the pattern of appreciation is defined through every layer of my experience.  My truth is defined in infinite bliss as my word is unleashed upon the face of the Divine. It is done already.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I am lifted up by my light heart and find a dance in my soul today.

Jul 25 12


Today’s Quote: What use is it, my brethren, if a man says he has faith, but he has no works?  Can that faith save him? ~The Epistle of James


Today’s Affirmation: I walk through my fear and act upon my faith today; I step into the unknown and give freely of my reserves.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: It will never be comfortable stretching into a new experience.  The only possibility is to develop comfort in our faith.  This can only be done through the commitment of time, substance and energy to the source of our spiritual nourishment.  As we give through our fear and with our little faith we discover again and again that we have enough.  Like a seed nurtured our faith grows within us and all good begins to flow easily.