July 20 2012


My Walk Is True

One Intelligence; universal and intimate, ‘It is’ because It is all that is.  It is Life, It is Love and all that I am is that.  I live move and have my being in and as the individualization of this One. 

My every thought is an alignment with Divine Principle. I take my steps and walk my walk upon the solid foundation of The One.  My every action springs from my absolute knowing that it is Divinely oriented.  I am in constant communion with the Infinite and my every action evolves from the Word alive in me, as me.  I am unfaltering and my walk is true.  My every thought is a whisper next to the greatness of the One Voice that inspires my work.  My life is true and my walk is true and I am alive in joy.

From the very fabric of my being gratitude whelms up and washes over.  My life is a joy-filled song of thanksgiving.  I walk in the embrace of the beloved and it lifts me. I stand in awe and gratitude as I release this word to the One who has given it form now and completely.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  My love makes footprints across my soul; my path is directed to the Whole.

Jul 20 12


Today’s Quote: Prevent trouble before it arises.  Put things in order before they exist. ~Tao Te Ching


Today’s Affirmation: I start my day today in the contemplation of its greatness.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: The very first step in preventing troubles is not to think them to begin with.  Many people believe it is pragmatic to consider problems in order to have contingencies.  They don’t realize their thinking is the problem and when we walk faith-forward in assurance of a Divine Principle we invoke the law of synchronous outcomes.