July 12 2012

Source Within

There is Light; It is self existent, transcendent and indwelling all that is for It is all that is.  I am that; I am the self existent illumination of the Infinite upon my affairs at the level of my realization.

I know the truth of my power and know it springs from within.  I know that all power exists within and is available right now as the potential of my greater good.  I recognize that this power is the incomprehensible Love of Infinite Life.  I am clearly aware this Love dictates all events and their out-picturing upon my affairs.  All is good that springs from Living Goodness.  As my intention is good, and I am surrendered to the paths of good for all in all my affairs, I know that my experience is forever blossoming in a greater expression of abundance.  From the very source within my life is realized in opulence.

I am awash in gratitude for my every breath and the abundance it reveals springs from that sacred source within.  And all good is mine today in all ways.  In faith it is done.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I raise my eyes and return to the light of Love today.

Jul 12 12


Today’s Quote: A life of meditation is to perceive at any time the beauty of the moment.  Mind and body are always one; when eating, eat, and when sleeping, sleep. ~Zen


Today’s Affirmation: All I do is done in the awareness of the perfection of this moment.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: What I am aware of I am unconsciously in celebration of.  Celebration is the underlying principle of creation and automatically generates a field of attraction for all and any circumstances that will ignite that feeling of our chosen celebration. Meditation is a wonderful tool for clarifying our celebration.