June 29 2012


I Rise To My Truth

‘One Infinite’ transcending time, space and dimension stands self existent.  This ‘One’ Lives as all that is visible and invisible and is forever increasing in the perfection of Its being.  The One is complete in every aspect of Its being, flooding every nuance with Its wholeness.  I am the extension and individualization of this One; perfect, whole and complete.  I am the volition and passion of infinite potential individualized and realized; the perfect surrender to infinite intelligence.

In this realization of great potential I surrender to that creative hand which would mould me into the magnificence that I am.  I allow the craft of life to shape me and I stand in anticipation of opportunity to show up.  I am ready, I am willing, able and excited.  In this moment I realize my dreams and rise to my truth.  By my willingness I am made powerful; I am action oriented, I listen within and follow my intuition.  I follow my dreams and make great things happen for a better world today.

Change happens here; it is good, it is the cause of my deep gratitude for I and my world are made better every day by me living my ’living’ dream.  I rejoice and I celebrate in this breath of my release for already my greatest desire is done to me in the perfect pattern of Law.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I stand above my yesterday; I Choose Love Today.

Jun 29 12


Today’s Quote: When running up a hill, it’s all right to give up, as long as your feet keep moving. ~Dan Millman


Today’s Affirmation: In this journey of awakening I remember!  I am gentle and loving with myself as I let go today.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: True surrender, giving up, is not quitting; it is letting go of the agenda and pressing on to the unknowable.  It is the recognition of an infinite power for our good that can only be realized with the release of our need to control from a very finite perspective.