June 22 2012

Treatment – Setting My World Ablaze by Rev Dale

Infinite and Incomprehensible radiance shines into being right now.  It is the Light that exists back of all I perceive and is the Light that animates my perception.  It is All, It is in All and is the Creativity of every expression extending It’s Perfection.  I know that I am the embodiment of this Infinite perfection in my affairs and the fire of Its magnificence that gives focus to my desires and expression.  I am the word of the Infinite and it is made manifest through my word into my affairs

Today I give permission to express my full potential.  I am the Light that sets my world ablaze and with the highest of intentions I choose to bring that light of love into every activity I set in motion.  I live move and breathe in integrity with a dream of love and joy for all, a dream I can realize; a dream that Right Now I am realizing in my affairs.  By the light of my being I attract that light to me and all that I do and the radiance grows in the coming together of all for this high vision of a world in harmony under the same roof of the sky.   I know that my willing this work is done.  All events synchronize and the doors are flung open wide.  A new day has dawned and that day is mine.

I rejoice knowing that this urge has already found root and is now growing infectiously into every moment and every heart everywhere.  I see my fruits already ripe upon my soul and rejoice in complete gratitude knowing it is the fire ignited in through and around me in its eternal promise of Life already done. 
And So It Is

Gods Light Is my Light.  And it shines the dark away today.

Jun 22 12


Today’s Quote: Conflict cannot survive without your participation. ~Wayne Dyer


Today’s Affirmation: I live from the One, I give from the One; in this is the harmony and richness of diversity.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Conflict springs from a race belief that the natural diversity and multiplicity of the Infinite implies scarcity.  Nothing could be further from the Truth. There is One source of unlimitable flow and supply.  Being all that is and all that can be conceived, and yet even more, this Infinite Source is also an Infinite Supply in the life that is capable of accepting.  As long as ones mind continues to play in the fields of conflict, scarcity and fear this will be the only appearance of abundance it can possibly know.