Dec 30 2010

Today’s Quote: People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. ~Joseph F. Newton


Today’s Affirmation: I willingly create a path into every heart I meet today.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: The greatest two challenges in building heart paths are in remaining free of judgment and sufficient in our own Divine connection. Do I know ‘God’ well enough to absolutely trust that the one showing up is God?
Today I am willing to discover my ‘Yes’.


Special Anouncement: Tomorrow morning all around the world (synchronized to twelve noon Greenwich mean time) there will be a World Peace Meditation.  This will be the twenty fifth anniversary of this event.  All are welcome to join us at the Centre for our part in this.  Doors will be open at 3:45, AM our meditation will proceed with prayers and reedings and silence until 5:00 AM.  All in attendance are invited to join us at Denny’s for breakfast immediately following the meditation.

This is a global event and there will be places in your part of the world to find them contact your Spiritual Centre/er or look up Quartus online and find a contact in your area.

As many as 500million people in 77 countries worldwide have participated in this meditation in one single sitting and great things have transpired.  You can be a part of this incredible historical process.