Dec 22 2010


Today’s Quote: I am the ocean.  All the worlds are like waves.  This is the truth.  Nothing to hold on to, nothing to let go of, nothing to dissolve. ~Ashtavakra Gita, 6:2

Today’s Affirmation: I am the ocean, I am the drop; I am the sense of an Infinite sensitivity; I am love.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: To know that I am Infinite potential, ever perfect and always becoming is to know joy beyond measuring.


PS Tonight, at 7:00 PM, at the Okanagan Centre for Spiritual Living, we will be having a Christmas Candle Lighting Service. This is a celebration revealing the metaphysical meaning and spiritual depth of the holidays of this season. This same practice occurs at affiliate Centres throughout North America. If you are free and want to discover something wonderful in this season, that truly does relate to you, find a Centre/er for Spiritual Living and give yourself a Winter treat.

Happy Returning of the Light.