Choosing Happiness

I have also met others who always lived on the edge of depression.  Even when things appeared to be good in their lives they seemed to be waiting with baited breath for that proverbial shoe to come down.I have often said that depression is the result of a sense of ‘entitlement’ compounded with a lack of gratitude.  This may be technically correct; still it doesn’t help the one who feels depression.  A depressed person is bound in a cage for which only they have the key.  They must unlock their own door, they must decide to come out and play.  It would seem to be more complicated.  But is it?There is a profound human tendency to complicate the simple by presuming that our past defines our future, our present and who we are.  Nothing could be further from the truth; unless, of course we think it to be so.  If we believe it then it becomes our truth not because our past has any more power. Rather because our belief and conviction the only power; they are all powerful in our lives.  So we have a hypothesis; and on the human level it must always be a hypothesis because we can’t empirically prove it, stating that all our reality is the reflection of our belief and conviction.  And its implications are far reaching and almost impossible to comprehend.  It means very simply how we look at a situation completely determines our relation to, and our experience garnered from it.  So if you are a sad person who has been verging on depression all your life you are likely to remain a sad and depressed person for most of the remainder of your life.  Unless, of course you choose to change your belief from I can’t to a willingness to do whatever it takes to make that change.  Anyone can do it just like anyone can quit smoking, drinking or binge eating; it just seems to be really unlikely.  It just looks like no matter what ‘anyone’ says, they lack the inner resolve.  It is easier to remain stuck in an old belief than to let it go and establish a new belief.  Besides; the panel of advisors within ‘anyone’s’ head can always give more reasons to discredit the power of belief and the genuine will to change.

So if you plan to increase your level of happiness you must first find within yourself the conviction, to do whatever it takes, cut your hair, get help, find genuinely happy people who will share their time and company with you and find out how they think.  And did I say you have to show up?  Yes in order to change a person must show up consistently no matter how much that committee of naysayers within seeks to find reasons for you not to show.  And don’t expect those inner voices to ever quit.  That’s just another strategy to drain you of your resolve to change.You must learn to appreciate the qualities you like in others rather than envying them, you must practice gratitude for even the smallest of victories you have made.  You must resoundingly refuse every urge to compare yourself with them or them with each other.  It is important to enter every encounter actively looking for the gifts they bring you in awakening to your inner joy.  Finally in order to live happiness you must look in the right place, you must look within.  Meditate.  Yes sit down, close your eyes, stop talking and start listening (and you will find lots to listen to in your head).  And as you listen or when the chatter stops, actively search for that little whisper of happiness within you.  If you search enough you will find it.  When you do find it just enjoy it, that infant feeling, seeking life in your recognition.  By enjoying the feeling we nurture it and it grows.Happiness is available to all.  In order to have it we must claim it; no one can give it to us, they don’t owe us.  In fact no one out there owes us a thing.  The only ‘thing’ we are owed we already have; life.  The source has given us as much life as any other has.  It is up to us to do with that life as we choose, first with our thinking and feelings, then with our actions.  We all have just as many minutes in a day to discover our greatness.  The only difference between you and any other person is how you use those minutes.Today you can choose to be happy; if you want.Namaste,