Best Wishes To You 12 20 08

One of the greatest challenges with planting seeds, for me, is that as much as I would like to plant everything I only ever have enough room to plant a certain number and variety.  So this year I planted seeds for the Okanagan Centre and in my crop rotation I let certain other activities go fallow. 


This is a very healthy way of looking at the things we let go of within our lives.  Those things of value for me must be acknowledged even when I do not have the space for them at any given time.  Lightmail weekly writings has been one of those things that has been largely put aside.  I have allowed myself the gift of fallowing my consciousness.  I have been allowing a deepening of my desires and a broadening of my abilities.  I have put priorities upon my time that have allowed me to write only when inspiration can deliver my words in a determined time span.  My desire is that I grow in focus and effectiveness with my writing time.


Those in the ‘know’ say that successful people are always busy.  In my experience so are unsuccessful people who think they are busy.  It comes down to being a matter of the time we waste wondering whether what we are doing is right and perfect.  I am finding that if I care to complete a writing I must just do it.  I must let go of my need for perfection and trust my intention to deliver the perfect desires of my heart.


Tomorrow evening the Okanagan Centre will be holding its biggest annual service; our Candle Lighting Service.  This is an opportunity to shed the mysticism and pageantry of the mid winter rituals of a religious world and deliver a pure of a message of love, joy and transformation in an ambiance of sacredness.  It is a big event and as it grows, like everything has this year, I find I must lay aside personal control of all the details.  This has been a hard thing to do and simultaneously freeing experience for myself and the Centre.  What has become eminently clear to me is that I’m not all that adept at dealing with all those details anyway and the world is better off with me turning them over.  Again a very liberating realization. 

So this morning the day before the big event I am choosing to take a moment to wish you all the best of this season and this year.  In my heart I am trusting that you have experienced the profound that I have witnessed and in it found yourself experiencing greater joy and prosperity.  I am trusting that you to have planted the seeds of a magnificent crop and are, even now, witnessing the signs of an incredible bumper crop.  I know that I am, this coming year holds promise of incredible growth and abundance for me, my family and the Centre, and I am entering 2009 with a profound sense of expectancy. 


I truly look forward to sharing this good with you, your family and all your friends.

As a final note I would like to share my Christmas wishes through this link: 

All the best of this season.

With Love and Best Wishes,

Dec 20 2008

Daily Inspiration:  Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ~Thomas Edison

Today’s Affirmation:  I am steadfast as I follow my hearts desire.

Today's Contemplation:  Our inspiration must be far more ‘insight’ and far less ‘outcome’.  When we measure our self value upon the outcomes of events rather than our heartfelt joy we pave a path to failure.  In order to succeed we must find our greatest pleasure in our relationship to the path we walk.

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