Nov 11 08 “I Remember”

Today Is Remembrance Day here in Canada, Victory Day in the States and in many countries across the ocean it is Armistice Day.  On a day like today I find the challenge of being consciously alert to the patterns of my thinking almost a full time job in itself.  The tendency of thought seems to be toward loss; the ‘price’ we paid and the wars we fought. 



I would not consciously choose to allow my mental activity to revel in that playground.  I would not because ultimately I believe my thought is creative exactly according to its nature.  So my thought would then be adding to my own experience and a more general experience of loss.  My thought would be fanning the flames of war and conflict, and all the suffering they engender.  I do not believe any of us have idle thoughts, therefore I do my best to keep a conscious vigil.  I seek to remember peace today and every day; I seek to remember acts of empowerment, awakening and transformation.


I also believe that the only way I can determine the tendency of my thinking is through the patterns of my life.  For example the things that happen to me and around me are the waves of consequence of my past patterns of thinking.  I believe that every thing that catches my attention is a reflection of my tendency of thought.  If I am alert and catch the tendency I can change it, I can consciously co-create my experience be realigning my deeper patterns of thinking with harmonious unfoldment.  



So if this is true then ultimately I am saying that I am being or at least have been a participant in the atrocities that I have noticed in the world.  



At this point many a person would say that I am taking things, or in this case thoughts, just a little too far.  They would look at themselves and all their efforts to stop wars, to clean up the environment, to make social changes and they would choose to negate my words rather than their activities because ultimately to own my words would mean that they too are the cause of the very things they are so actively in opposition to.  This would be the first step of real change. 



Getting back to my original premise of personal responsibility I enter the realm of spirituality.  All the great spiritual teachings of the world espouse a field of oneness from which springs all apparent diversity.  This field of oneness is infinite and it is creative.  It creates through the formation of substance from energy.  I see this Infinite Creative Intelligence as being that energy which moves into form and through form binding it and giving it animation and individuality through self expression. I see it also as self evident that this energy is loving of all its creation and capable of responding to it s creation.  As I see it all that exists is in its essence this infinite field of energy expressing as all individual experiences.  Yet still it remains wholly and completely this one essence. 



So here it is; I may be an individual expression of this oneness however I am not, nor ever have been, separate from it.   Therefore any thoughts or advances toward creating greater security, approval or belonging are inherently acts of violence because they are an innate denial of our inherent oneness with the infinite and all life.  They are declarations of a lack of trust.  And they are thoughts, creative by their very nature and always seeking to create according to their original premise.


Therefore my first act of engagement for peace is to deal with my own feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and loneliness and the inherent thoughts that accompany them.  To be a part of peace I go within and find peace there, in that place of sacred stillness.  And today I will go there often, with every moment of conscious awareness of wandering and unconscious thinking. 


May I, this day, remember the truth of love and peace.