October 23 08


We are a creature of unconsciousness, most having no clue what causes in them these hidden desires and urges that seem to drift over the globe like emotional weather fronts.  Suddenly emotional weather patterns, lows and highs, collide and every person and their dog (miniature peek-a-poo) must have the latest iphone, join Mona Vie and get a new set of drapes for the living room.  Why is this?  Is it possible that emotions do exist like weather patterns?


It would seem they do and when they are uplifting, when we are under the influence of a field of joy filled emotions then everything is wonderful in our lives.


Today as I look outside preparing to go to the Centre I see that it is cloudy and cool with a little drizzle coming down.  I think I will wear a hat and raincoat as I head off to the Centre today, maybe an extra layer because the heating system has not been completed. 


It is important for me to take care of my comfort needs, if I don’t then I know my day will not be as enjoyable.  So recognizing that I will likewise be going out into emotional weather, how will I choose to dress up my consciousness in order to be comfortable? 


Well I might choose to do a little spiritual reading, maybe some creative visualization and a centering meditation, these things will all help.  Most of all I will ensure that I am bringing my consciousness with me because I am pretty sure that this atmosphere of emotion around me as I move through the many situations of my day will vary immensely.  Even on an off sort of day different groups of people seem to be more buoyant than others and I, like all of us, am capable of sensing that.   When I enter those stormy groups I generally check in with myself and ensure I am appropriately dressed with an extra layer of loving presence.


One group of people who do this well are sales people, those ones who always know exactly what it is you are looking for,  they are trained to be particularly sensitive to moods. 


Although we can learn much from their canniness it is important that we maintain our own loving intention.  We must be about giving rather than getting, we must be in the business of unification and upliftment if we are to maintain emotional comfort in our daily lives, because if we don’t the lack patterns we and those around us hold will eventually seep in like the subtle cold onset of hypothermia.


In this world people wonder how it is that they can be overcome with emotional distresses or more dramatically emotional disorders.  When it happens they go running to their doctor who says they have developed some physical imbalance or another.  He prescribes a series of pills to make them whole again, kind of like taking steroids to make us strong enough to face the elements rather than putting on an extra layer of clothing.  It will work temporarily yet sooner or later the body will wear down.


So in this world of emotional storms it is my daily choice to fortify my awareness with the radiant sunshine of love and light.  As I enter each encounter I seek to be aglow with the light of love and allow myself to offer an umbrella of peace to the invisible storms that seem to rage around us.  I remind myself to be weather sensitive and sensible so I don’t get to many sniffles while playing in this universal sandbox with all my friends.