October 8, 2008


Every day when I showed up and looked around for the most pressing job of the moment to sink into I also thought of the people it would touch.  I thought of an ambiance, I thought of the art, I thought of people I’ve never met who would come  walking through our new doors; and I got dirty, sawdust, gyproc, metal, dirt and paint became my colours at days end.  Those who showed up found their spiritual director disguised as a builder, a labourer, a general renovator.


It was a great and busy summer and the work is now pretty much done. 


Once again I reach that point of shift where I get to re-evaluate my time and priorities.  I know this is important because I find myself in that old familiar place of expectancy.  It probably feels like this when an astronaut experiences zero gravity; choices all around but somehow disconnected and needing a push to get me moving.

And then as if the great big gravity switch is flipped on, suddenly my world snaps back into its new direction, my stomach suffers a severe jerk, like entering a new world, I’m caught again in the demands of the moment. 

I’m really wishing I hadn’t been eating so much.  And I’m really wishing I had read a few less of those science fiction short stories.


Now ‘though I am back on my track, I have made my decisions, refocused my vision and like a race car coming into the straight stretch I am once again moving forward and gaining speed (and trusting the driver knows what s/he’s doing ‘cause this feels really fast).


The race car is such a perfect metaphor for how life unfolds when we have a clear vision, because there is such a powerful motive driving us forward.  In a true vision we have already exercised our free will, we have said to ourselves this is my path and it’s worth following until I hit the finish line.  There is definitely no room for changing my mind and there is no room for second guessing.  There is a daily, moment to moment thrill as the unexpected leaps into perspective and, with uncanny regularity proves itself to be our divine opportunity of the moment. 

Still there has to be a willingness to stay with that vision, to keep our foot on the expectancy pedal and avoid the fear pedal, the brake.


I was once on a long journey with my family, six hours from home, ten at night, in the old volkswagon van.   The clutch broke!  I could have stopped at a motel and found a mechanic to fix it.  I could have spent another couple days away, but lets face it I had a volkswagon, not a pocket of money.  I made the decision to drive home without a clutch.  Braking was a seriously weighed option only chosen out of absolute necessity for the remainder of the drive. 


When we have a clear vision we will constantly challenge ourselves to reevaluate ‘common sense’ in the framework of fear.  And often we will choose to go forward where others would fear to pass, not because we are brave, crazy or obsessed.  We go forward simply because our vision gives us no other option, and with vision fear is not an option.


So here I am moving forward in a very exciting new leg on my spiritual journey, totally alive as the infinite good of life pours into my experience.


This is so fun!  This is exciting!  This is truly living!


What is your vision?