May 05 2008 “Oneness”


Recently, in their study of the bee, entomologists have come to realize that the organism is not the individual bee, it is the hive.  A single bee can only live away from the hive for a couple hours before it will die, exactly because it is one cell of the hive.  The hive cannot live without the queen because she is the central organ of the hive.  And when she lays the egg of another queen the hive is giving birth to a new hive.  If a nest is destroyed the hive will swarm, travel as one, until it locates a new location and builds a new hive. 

I have no doubt that in the field of biology we are about to make this same discovery over and over again.  We, upon closer inspection, will realize that ants too are hive beings.  We will see this is true of other insects, locusts, gnats and other insects that cluster.

Then as we evolve, or heal, in our collective consciousness we will start to realize that fish in their schools and birds in their flocks are also hive beings of a slightly different magnitude.  We will realize that this is exactly why flocks of birds fly and turn with such incredible precision; it is not because they are intuitively connected so much as that they are one.

One day some far seeing biologist will see and be recognized in his or her great realization, “Oh my God, even animals are beings of collective consciousness.”  The wolves, the buffalo, gazelles, and elephants all in their herds, their packs and their family units are each hives of a different magnitude of space.

At the point that we realize that eagles and other “predators” at the top of the ‘food chain’ are actually hive consciousness of the greatest expansiveness we will be close to embracing humanity as one, not as a concept in our heads but rather as intellectual foundation.   It may take us years or even Centuries to reach this race consciousness, still it is coming, and I suspect far sooner than we might have expected even a couple years ago.

Today the popular concept in modern and many eastern spiritual philosophies is that; “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  This was a wonderful breakthrough in the evolution of human spiritual philosophy; still it has not gone far enough.  Ultimately we will realize that we are ‘Spirit’, as in one infinite beingness, having a human experience through a process of individualization.  We are each an individualization of an infinite intelligence.  We are each that one intelligence looking at Itself from the perspective of space/time separation.

You and I are not separate from each other; we are simply each localized and unique perspectives of the One looking upon itself.  When we quit the pervasive influence of our five senses we begin to feel the subtle presence of oneness, the truth of who we are. 

Often what keeps us in denial of this holistic awareness is a pervasive belief that, “If I accept an idea like that I will lose my individuality.”  Losing our individuality will be the healthiest most joy-filled occasion in the evolution of humanity and any person.  It will mean the end of fear and conflict of any kind.  It will be the end of getting more at the expense of any other.  In short it will be the end of mass insanity.  And the process of individualization will not come to an end, the Infinite will continue to want to look upon itself from every conceivable angle, and we are that which is the witness of the One.  Identity contrary to popular psychology is not a product of individuality, it is a product of the Infinite completely giving itself into all aspects of It’s beingness.  We as individualizations of the One, it follows, must be co-eternal with the One for we are all of that which we look upon.

Back to the beginning and the rampant affliction of humanity; the first cause of all disease is mental stress.  All mental stress is caused by the conflict that arises from a perception of separation; there must be an ingrained belief that you are separate from and therefore potentially denied the fullness of life.  If you did not believe this you would have nothing to be anxious about.

Where there is only one there can be no conflict.  There can still be violence as in a sudden shift of energy, and tension as in the buildup of force due to a resistance to change.  When all humans perceive their intrinsic oneness there will be no judgment of right or wrong, good or bad any more than there would be around the loss of baby teeth in a child growing up.  It will simply be the universe ‘is’ing, moving from form to energy and back into form.  So the awakening at a heart and soul level to the oneness of all life is the only cure to the rampant malady of human egocentricity.