March 26 2008

Light Mail                                                                                           March 26, 2008


Seven years ago I underwent a major career transition; I was called to become a minister within this spiritual philosophy I practice; New Thought, some of what I see as leading edge, global transformation spirituality.  When I first embarked upon this path I believed somehow that it would be a spring stroll, after all I was being guided, literally compelled in this new direction.


I shouldn’t have been so naïve.  Spirit doesn’t impel us into a Sunday stroll excusing the play on words.  It always moves us on the path of our greatest growth opportunity; this implies growth, change, inner conflict and transformation which usually come about through outer conflict.  I was no different than all those people whose footsteps I followed.  I was not somehow the special one; not that I consciously assumed I would be.  Just deep down, somewhere in the echoes of my unconscious mind there was, could I say a certain smugness, a belief that somehow my choosing would be a bed of roses because I knew my calling was real.  


Whatever that feeling might have been I couldn’t have been more completely wrong.   Almost immediately the life I had been living was dashed to pieces.  I found myself living Humpty Dumpty’s nursery rhyme, trying to fit the pieces back together.


The beauty of my crisis was the beauty of every crisis, it is the embryo of a new opportunity.  

Once we get ourselves out of the way!


I did and Lightmail was born.  As I began to grow my Centre a number of my, what I call, key players moved away, often to areas devoid of a New Thought presence, sometimes void of any ‘conscious’ presence.  I missed them; in those first years those were the ones I most wanted to stand by me.  Once I got over my own loss I recognized their loss; what they, some even many of you, had given up spiritually in order to follow your inner callings.  


I thought long and hard about how I could honour your commitment to inner growth and your own ‘awakening to your spiritual magnificence’ in such far flung corners of the world.  Lightmail was my answer.  It started with only a few.  In a short time it proved its value through its growth.


But lately I’ve lost my writing spark. I have not been satisfied; I have felt an inner urge telling me something needed to change.  I haven’t felt that irrepressible urge to write anything, and without it I am unable to write.  I started to feel a general falling away of Lightmail readers, maybe not physically but certainly energetically.  As if there was a new urge to grow and I was missing it.


Then, about an hour ago it struck me.  It woke me from a sound sleep, and brought me here, to my computer and you.


Aside from the lack of regular weekly inspirations my timeliness has been wonky and a little sporadic, in part because, at least for the past month I have been very busy with a new project.  One that has been wildfire through the cutting edge spiritual community we all belong to, I’m speaking of the Oprah/Tolle Online Webinar.  


The Okanagan Centre advertised in our local paper and through Oprah’s website, offering a supporting study group.  We had over sixty people respond.  We have created three groups, limited to a maximum of twenty people each, who are showing up for two hour group study sessions.  It has become a large commitment of my time and our Centre’s resources; and very exciting. 


I discovered how large our spiritual community within Vernon is; people who had been studying all alone in their homes discovered overnight they were not so very alone.  

Wow!  Over two million people world wide for the Webinars.  Just in Vernon one bookstore alone has sold over seven hundred copies of the book “A New Earth” by Tolle.  It really is an idea whose time has come.


So here is the idea that woke me up.  Why not create online study groups.  Not just for this book but for all the classes and workshops the Centre offers; Science of Mind, Tolle, Chopra, Dyer and other authors.  Subjects like dream interpretation, meditation, spiritual community action, inner and outer growth; whatever will make the difference.  Any time, anywhere you could drop in and explore with a growing community the ideas that will make the difference in your life.


What an idea; using the web to bring us together in spiritual community, to grow, nurture and support ourselves and each other. The Centre already has the online facilities with it’s forum, I’m sure my webmaster could easily set up an online ‘study hall’ in the forum and even find a way to utilize online ‘Skype like’ video technology to make the experience more tangibly present. 


If this idea is appealing to you or anyone you know simply respond to with yes in the subject line.  I will keep you informed of interest and general progress.


Now maybe I can go to bed and back to sleep. 

Good night all.