March 19 2008

Flesh and blood and bone and sinew
Are as matter of the Spirit
Are as form made up of Spirit
Are as shadows cast forth from It
From a stuff no one has seen.

How then can this subtle substance
Shape itself in form of body
Become flesh and blood of body
Become bony part of body
Become sinew of the body
Become a form that’s foul or fair?

This the alchemy of Spirit
This the secret  is of Spirit,
That the food we take in body
That the water drunk by body
That the air diffused in body
Should itself become a body,
This the miracle of life.

How can this of ether only
How can this from nature taken
Blind with thought we do not see?
How can yearning, feeling, striving
How can secret thoughts of passion
Brought to us from unseen river
Be as body, form as body
Become flesh and blood of body,
By the alchemy of unknown
Made of what we do not see?

Is not this the secret meaning
Is not this the holy meaning
is not this the unknown meaning
Of the flesh and blood of Christ?
When the bread we take in body
When of air we breathe in body
When of wine we drink in body
Is not this the eucharist?

He, the one who knew its meaning
He, the one who saw its meaning
He, the one who felt its meaning,
Is the one who spread the table
Is the one who filled the chalice
Is the one who broke the bread.
This he did to teach the lesson
This he did to give the reason
This he did to show that substance
Is of Spirit formed and held,
Is by Spirit freely given
Is by Spirit Gladly given
Is by Spirit always given,
By a process nature planned.

This the secret of the ages
This the wisdom of the wise men
This the truth they sought for
This is what they found within,
Body has a perfect pattern
Body has an unseen substance
Body has a complete likeness
In the Life and Mind of God.
But this unseen perfect pattern
And this unseen complete likeness
Is not hidden in the heavens
Is not far away from earth,
Is not distant from our landscape
Is not poised in air above us
Is not hidden under water
Is not buried in the ground.

Where then, is this perfect pattern
Where then, is this subtle body
Where then, is this unseen likeness
To the body that we see?
This the teaching of the ages
This the truth the wise discovered
This the lesson that they taught us
This the secret that they found.

Everything on earth has pattern
Everything that is, has likeness
Every form we see has mooring
In that, from which all form comes,
In the ether, in the silence,
In the subtle inner substance
In the unseen cause of causes
In the life and mind of God.
In this pattern always given
In this pattern always held these
Is the likeness of our body
Is the pattern of each member
Is an image of each action.

And this body in the ether
With its members attached to us
With its head and hands part of us
with its eyes and feet part of us
Is not distant from the body that we see
Is the substance of this body
Is the form and shape of body
Is the likeness of this body
Is the pattern of this body
In the life and mind of God?

This the body that the Christ knew
This the body that he spoke of
This the body he took with him,
On his mount of transition
On his dawn of resurrection
On the day he left behind him
Nothing that human eye could see.
For the pattern he brought with him
And his likeness in the unseen
Could not die nor be destroyed.

Only image of his pattern
Only image of his unseen
Only image of his likeness
Hung upon the cross of treason
Or was buried in the tomb.
But because he knew the reason
And because he understood
That the likeness of his pattern
And the image of his pattern
Were not separate in truth,
He could raise the image fleshy
To the likeness of its pattern
To the form forever giving
To the form forever held there
To the body that’s eternal
To its everlasting day.

This the message that he gave us
This the lesson that he taught us
This is what he cam to earth for
This the purpose of his life.
But the lesson would be useless
And his message without meaning
And his mission would be fruitless
Unless we his footsteps follow.
This he told his closest followers
And he told them when he let them
That the Spirit ever with them
Would reveal to them the meaning
Of the words he spoke unto them
Of the lesson that he gave them
When the image of his pattern
And the likeness of his pattern
Sojourned here on earth among them
Talked and tarried with them
Till the day of his ascension
Till the dawn of his transition
Till the time of his departure
To the realms of the unseen.

This the lesson that he gave them
These the words he spoke unto them, –
Go thou, too, and do that likewise.
So the Spirit that was with them
And the life that never left them
Perfect pattern of their image
Perfect likeness of their image
Caused them to awake and listen
To the voice of all creation
To the cause of all created
To the father of all mankind
To the maker of all earthkind.

Caused them to awake and listen
Caused them always to remember
That they too had unseen patter
That they too had inner likeness
That all mankind has likeness
In the mind and life of God.


May this Easter Season be a bessing to your home and heart,