Feb 27 2008

Daily Inspiration: A positive attitude is perhaps more important at home than anywhere else. As spouses and parents, one of our most vital roles is to help those we love feel good about themselves. ~Keith Harrell

Today’s Affirmation: I take the good in me to the world I see.

Today's Contemplation: It takes a commitment and determination to choose to find the good in moments of tension in relationships, still it is possible with a little pertinacity to bring love to every moment. 

Light Mail is Growing
If you believe someone you know would enjoy this copy of our daily editions of Light Mail please forward to them.
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You have received this copy of Lightmail because you or someone you knew wanted a little more luck in their life.  Whoever those kind people were who sent you that lucky email, and yes at least one of them was a friend or acquaintance of mine, did not clean up the email before forwarding it.  By the time it came to me it included over a hundred email addresses. 

It was a request for luck so here is your luck, an inspirational message to brighten your day and provoke a little contemplation.  These little emails are sent out daily and if you read them and contemplate the message they will transform your life and bring you L.U.C.K. (living under conscious knowledge) or my favorite interpretation; Luck, where inspiration meets opportunity.  

This is not a spam although I do not know you.

It is not a request for anything, it is a gift in the truest sense, it is given freely at no cost to you the recipient and with no conditions from me the giver.  If you enjoy what you receive here and would like to let twenty ofyour friends know, by all means forward it to them, but clean up the addresses and use your BCC address (blind carbon copy).

I can not guarantee that you won’t get bad luck from not having forwarded your lucky email; someone on this list may be a spammer.  You may receive an invitation to buy some pills, for almost nothing, that are guaranteed to make your sex life perfect.  You may get a request from some foreign executor who wants to give you 250, yes that’s 250 million dollars just for being their drop bank.  You may receive notification Mrs. Abigail Stacey that you have won the national lottery of England.

You may get a lot more spam in your email inbox and if you are really lonely and really don’t have a life with friends you might just get all excited because you got email.  It is possible that one of the people who gets your email will really be a spammer and send you a virus, then for only a couple hundred dollars that you didn’t need you can support your local computer geek, and get that much needed computer upgrade you weren’t expecting until next year.

I do know that if you choose not to forward Lightmail to your 20 best friends you will not subsequently get any bad luck.  No you won’t get the rare and unheard of zhutzhi flu that causes you to swell up in unusually strange places and invariably leads to an uncomfortable death, or worse yet, diarrhea for a week.  You are absolutely no more likely to have a serious accident, go bankrupt, be excluded from your beloved aunts will or be divorced by your wife right after she received the winning ticket in the national lottery.  In fact nothing you have not already created with your fixed beliefs and actions is likely to occur. 

Conversely if you do choose to forward this or any issue of Lightmail you will not necessarily receive great dividends of good luck.  Your life will continue on pretty much as normal.  You will still get to go to the job that you may or may not remember how to appreciate.  You will still have all the responsibilities for paying back any uncontrolled Christmas spending and your children will not necessarily behave any better.

I can promise that if you consciously choose to send this to someone in particular you believe will be uplifted and inspired by the message you will get a warm feeling.  You will acquire just a little more buoyancy in your step and will find yourself going through the day with a secret smile upon your face because you have done a small thing that has enriched a life.  You will feel better because you have taken conscious action to make another feel better.  I do promise that as you walk through your day just a little bit brighter you will naturally attract people who care to share your joy.  Those above you will want to lift you up and those below you will seek to bask in your light.  Good things will naturally happen to you because you have consciously chosen to do a good thing.

And that is what Living Under Conscious Knowledge is; so yes you may find yourself having just a little more luck in your affairs.  I know I have.  So if you choose, if you would like to receive this on a daily or weekly basis (the daily is short such as what I started with and the weekly is longer, about the length of this full message) then simply reply to this email with subscribe and in the next day or so you will be added to the list.  Your address will never be passed on for any reasons and you will only rarely receive messages of any other nature, usually announcing events for your  personal empowerment. 

I wish you the best of days.

Sincerely, your Lightmail Elf