Dec 14, 2006

We meet someone on the street and, if we can pull them out of their frantic dash, we hear from them, not how they are but what they are doing.  Either that or we have a superficial conversation about the weather, sports and politics while both of us are thinking about what we are doing and how to get back to our list of to do’s.  Even when we meet at a coffee shop, it is more often than not ‘strictly business’.  Why?  Because I would suspect most of us don’t really know how we are.  How could we when most of us don’t know who we are?

And now we are coming up on every ones, ‘favorite time of year’?  Hardly, most people don’t have a clue how they actually feel about Christmas in relation to themselves.  To do that most of us would have to know ourselves, and again, we don’t.

Would you like to know if you are one of the ones who ‘knows yourself’?  I give you a few questions to answer:

Do you have a clear image of how you would like the world to be?

Do you have a clear image of how you would like your community to be?

Do you have a clear image of how you would like your relationships to be?

Do you have a clear plan you are enacting to create your vision for home, community and the world?  And are you acting to fulfill that vision?

If you could not honestly say yes to all of these questions then I would guess that you are not self aware, you are probably overworked, overstressed and unenthusiastic about the festive season. And you are probably exhausted before starting with all of those questions of; “Are you ready for Christmas yet?” 

You will notice that not one of these questions had to do with you and your relationship with yourself.  There is a very simple reason for this.  We cannot possibly know ourselves except through our relationships.  Our relationship with ourselves is defined by our relationship with life.  To the degree that we can be aware of our present world; to that degree and only to that degree can we be attuned to our own sense of being. 

This is not to suggest that it may not be important to take time daily for ourselves through meditation, yoga, journaling, prayer and contemplative reading.  These activities are fundamentally important and I guarantee if you are already doing them you answered “yes” to the previous questions. 

To you who answered “no” you are likely in one of two groups.  In group ‘one’ we have those who believe the world is fast going down the tubes and the only consolation is some kind of divine rescue plan.  And in group ‘two’ we have those who believe the world is fast going down the tubes and there is no rescue plan, only a state of hopelessness and the hope that with enough preparation they might survive the collapse. 

Of course there is a small group of people who have chosen not to answer these questions and believe the world is just fine, and will continue to be fine; life has a way of sooner or later knocking on their door.

I guess now it is time to spring the news.  Neither God nor any emissary of God is going to rescue you! Only you can rescue you, or more exactly, only your belief, and actions in alignment with your belief can rescue you. 
What you have ‘conceived and believed’ is your world right now. 

This is Gods greatest gift to you.  How? You have ‘free will’; the freedom to transform your life and world with the use of your vision and passion. You can change your belief and recreate your world.  As The great philosopher Goethe said: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”
So as you enter this season of festivity, if you feel at all disheartened ask yourself, “Where in my life and world have I answered ‘no’ instead of ‘yes’?”

May you truly have a Wonder Filled Festive Season,