Dec 7, 2006

No this is not just a day, it is an idea and to the degree that we embrace this idea in our lives to that degree only shall we benefit from it.

It is interesting to note that Jesus was not born on or even particularly near to the 25th of December.  Further, December 25th was solstice in the original Roman calendar, the time of one of their grandest ‘pagan’ celebrations acknowledging the returning of the light, of spring, and the birth of their enlightened avatar, Mithra.  It is also interesting to note how much of today’s story of the miraculous events of Jesus life are repeated from so many scriptures of other religions of the world. 

In fact the basic Christmas story is shared from Horus, Guatama Buddha, Mithra, Adonis, Attis, Quirinus, Quetzalcote, Indra and Krishna.  All of these individuals predate Jesus by at least 500 years yet they each share a virgin birth and performing of miracles.  Some share an untimely death nailed to a cross in the company of two thieves.  Many other details including the herald star, the three kings, a mother named Mary, death, ascension into heaven after three days, and the slaughter of male children at the time of birth are shared by these other past avatars.  Am I suggesting that Jesus is just a made up character, fabricated for some hidden purpose?  No not at all.  I personally believe he really existed and brought to our modern world the greatest gift imaginable, he came to tell us who we are and what we are capable of.

I believe the people who supplanted Jesus name into the mythologies of the world may have been very well meaning in their efforts to convert people to what they saw as a higher way.  In fact in some cases they couldn’t have even known the mystery of similarity as with Quetzlcote of the Mayan Empire.

I believe the real point here is not what happened in the past; rather it is to recognize the message of Jesus and possibly every one of his predecessors of shared mythology. 

Jesus came to teach his followers there was a power for good that we could use to make the lives of ourselves and other people healthier, happier and more wholesome in all ways.  He chose to teach his disciples the power of love and of one divine presence absolute and indivisible; a power he often referred to as the father within. He came to teach us that all he could do we could also do.

I believe what he did we can do, it may not be easy, it may take incredible diligence and resolve, still the things he did we can do also.  Every one of us with perseverance can come to forgive even the deepest of wounds; every one of us can transcend our pain and learn to love our enemies.  Every one of us can envision a world of peace harmony and fellowship and then take consistent action to see our great vision into being.  Every one of us can choose to put the joy of all people on the same lists as our desire for new toys.  Every one of us can do this every day. 

If Christmas has any meaning at all it is to remind us who we can be and how we can live every single day of our lives.  It is to remind us that, if we choose, we can make a difference locally and globally.  Always we can all help someone else somehow.  With effort every one of us can transcend our differences.
As another Christmas day approaches it would do us well to ask whether we are going to wait yet another year before we commit to real change, daily change, the change that will change us.  Or is this the year, the day, the moment we have been waiting for. 

Consider this; it would be the height of ignorance for an absolute intelligence to create a life that was in any way fundamentally flawed.  We must within ourselves already have all the tools to necessary to live the life the great teacher promised us. is a good enough day to celebrate peace, love and the fellowship of mankind, why isn’t January 14