Nov 29, 2006

Yet still so much of our inner motivation is about getting instead of giving, the desire to have more seems to be insatiable.  We seek to improve our health, improve our homes, increase our lives in every way. 
Is this truly the journey of the heart? 

Someone early on in the health food movement coined the phrase “you are what you eat”.  They might have been more accurate to say ‘you are what you believe’, for all of your words, your actions and your motivation spring forth from your beliefs.  No person can possibly be better than they believe is possible for them. 

When Jesus admonished us ‘to pay closer attention to the words that came out from our mouths than to the food that we put in’ this is exactly what he was saying.  If we want to be healthy we must first act from a faith in our Source and a belief in our health, then we will find ourselves naturally drawn to foods that bring our personal body chemistries into balance.

It is nowhere near so important what we can add to our well-being as it is to be attentive to what and how we give.
True giving is not about giving ‘to’ something; a cause or an individual.  True giving is about giving without ‘get’ motivation. 

I often refer to the concept of ‘giving from’ rather than ‘giving to’.  In order to truly benefit from the act of giving paradoxically one must release all concept of personal gain while simultaneously maintaining personal power.  It is often best if we do not even know the destination of our funds. 

Even while understanding this concept it can take ages to truly embody it.  Still we stand witness to people all around us who find their success through the cause of their passion.  They lose themselves into their passion and become successful precisely because they love what they are doing. 

It is very interesting to me how poorly these successful people fit into the pattern painted by an investment analyst.  They don’t necessarily invest at all in various sensible money plans, most of them invest fully in their passion.  They are unconsciously investing in the law of conscious return; “As you give so shall you receive.”

In fact investing in the common way of today, mutual funds, is extremely dangerous spiritually.  It is one of the greatest present day causes of the disparity of wealth, health and well-being in the world.  Almost all investment into the market is driven by a desire to get, with little or no thought to where the money we are giving is going. 

It is impossible to control the use of our money when we invest in this way.  We are unconsciously giving permission to other unconscious or unscrupulous people to use our money to support their desires to make money at any cost. 

This includes such activities as the support of arms manufacturing companies, chemical fertilizer companies, multinational agribusinesses and companies that employ unethical labour practices for their product manufacture.  

Companies are mandated to put their investors before employees, the environment or the good of the world but you and I as investors must learn to be conscious of our global community and learn to be consciously responsible with our intentions and actions. 

Would you support a neighbour who only occasionally had a mental lapse and killed someone; I doubt it, even if your government was encouraging you.  Yet that is the thinness of our justification for investing ‘for our retirement’. 
Our greatest investment is to do what gives us joy. 

If we follow our hearts and give from our hearts in faith history has shown that we will be well provided for at no cost to others.  As we enter into this Festive Season it is a very good time to ask ourselves how we are investing.  If the world economy ends tomorrow will your storehouse be empty or have you made sufficient conscious investment in your good.

Blessings,  Image