Nov 15, 2006

We all seem to do it; identification defines us in relationship to our world.  It seems to me that we believe we would not be individuals if we weren’t displaying a label.  Yet have you ever been the label you or the world attached to you?

No, never; we human beings have depth and breadth we cannot measure with titles and labels. All they really allow us to do is box up our world into some nice neat and orderly mental packaging so that we can proceed to engage in life unconsciously; on an automatic and mechanical level.

But that’s not all that labels do, they also help to define our ideas of what we cannot be for it is our nature to think in opposites.  We cannot think of ‘up’ without relating to ‘down’.  ‘Inside’ only exists because we would choose to have somewhere that wasn’t outside.  How we define our environment, how we define our world and the people in it cannot help but define our relationship with it.

This human patterning has become the greatest challenge and limitation to our understanding of the world we live in.  It would appear that we are incapable of accepting a mystery on more than a hypothetical level. 

The greatest challenges that we average people have with understanding quantum physics are our influence on the experiments just by observing.  How can we understand that we determine what we see simply because we observe what we see?  If we don’t see it the process unfolds differently or may not unfold at all.  This is far too incomprehensible for our orderly thought processes.  We need things to make sense otherwise ‘what is a person to believe?’

The concept we don’t yet understand, and it would appear we really don’t want to understand, is that we equally confound our lives in exactly the same manner as we confound the quantum experiments. We do it by observing with expectation. We actually influence the outcome of our lives by those labels. 

We continue to exacerbate the problems of our peers by expecting them to be who we have decided they are.  We believe the alcoholic has a problem and will continue to have a problem until s/he conforms to our idea of help.  The cancer patient must conform to our ideas of healing to be healed in our minds. 

The doctor and lawyer will be financially successful; the teacher will be overworked and so on.  All of these beliefs and opinions we project limit people; and not only that but their opinions will limit us to the same degree that we believe our opinions of others.  Why?,.. because we have faith in our opinions. 

The great teacher ‘Jesus’ admonished us not to judge others because we would be judged by those same judgments.  He didn’t say God would judge us.  And God will not judge us for those opinions unless God is the law of cause and effect.   Jesus went on to encourage us to judge rightly.  In this way we insure that our judgments will bring to us positive experiences. 

By looking for and finding the good in all people we insure a flow of good into our own lives.  By looking beyond the limiting labels to the innate potential of every human being we open for them the possibility to discover greatness unrealized.  Even more wonderful; we allow ourselves to really be much more than those limiting labels and that is a most wonderful thing.

Blessings,  Image