Oct 04, 2006

Then again many of us live alone, we get up and just do what we need to do, whether it is work or play it is our life.

Yet none of this is truly our work, it is all a distraction from our true work.  Our true work is to discover and live our highest vision, become the best we can be (the embodiment of the Christ, or whatever secular and non secular terms we may choose) in our daily lives.  And being the best we can be is a product of giving.  Not just giving stuff, in fact that is the least of all giving.  Rather, I speak of giving of ourselves, giving in every moment, in every breath.

Giving is about our intention first.  From our true intentions will flow our actions.  So to truly give we must be in touch with our intentions. 

Many people have some awareness of this practice, it is very much akin to goal setting.  Get clear on what you want and from that will flow your actions.  Your actions in alignment with your intentions will open you to previously unrecognized opportunities. 

At the end of the day new goal setters will be talking about the miracle of goal setting.  It is no miracle; just as it is no miracle that your car starts when turn the ignition. It is a blessing; a blessing of understanding.  Still it is all about getting and fundamentally leads us to spiritual impoverishment and eventually dis-ease.

For those of us familiar with goal setting we may see the mechanics of creating a vision yet it is still virtually impossible to understand the value of this ‘altruism’.  If it were possible to look within and see the physiological changes to our bodies from the alternate intentions we would find ourselves driving hard to realign our focus. 

A true vision is something unattainable; it is a direction of growth rather than a destination or attainment.  This is the fundamental difference between it and a goal.  Also it expresses a purpose for the greater good rather than simply of personal value. 

Goals are about getting, of themselves they will fill our lives with stuff yet never provide deep satisfaction.  Once attained life will become empty and without purpose unless new goals are quickly set.  Work, work, work.  There is no end to that cycle except the grave and many make that exact choice. 

With a greater vision there is always something more when goals are reached, and because of its unreachable nature the purpose becomes the journey.  The destination is actually to become more a part of the process; it is to become more in alignment with the whole.  The greatest wonder of discovering our vision is that the world starts to solve its challenges not because we are fighting and focused on the problems but rather because we are becoming in our lives a part of the solution. 

Vision gives us enthusiasm, purpose, belonging, high esteem, compassion and a moment to moment sense of fulfillment.  Life is connected and as much as getting still has value it becomes healthy because our getting becomes for giving. 

Work can be a joy, it can be fulfilling, it can be healthy but only when you discover and recognize for yourself a higher purpose.  Only when you embrace your vision can you truly find joy in your relationships and in every moment of life.

Here’s to vision.

Blessings,  Image