Nov 8, 2006

We must then do our work for a predetermined number of hours at a standard that meets the expectations of everyone else; and it would seem they all have expectations.  Then we make our way home, often with a suitcase full of evening projects that will interfere with a variety of family obligations.

As the average day and week progress this pressure invariably rises; more deadlines, obligations, social functions and crises to be dealt with, all before an elusive weekend when there will be the hope of release.  In our society the popular way is to party, take our escape in some form of oblivion.  Finding relief through physical self inflicted abuse?

Does this sound something like your week?  Would you like to change it?  It is possible.   It is also very unlikely that an average person will change a situation like this before a crisis arises.  If you are not one of these people you are a rare blessing to an otherwise overstressed society and are one of the more fortunate who knows all the blessings they have to count.

Of course you could possibly be on the other end of the spectrum.  You might be one of the many casualties of a society gone ‘ballistic’, recovering from one of any number of stress related ailments, the bottom line of all disease.  In your case you are probably looking for ways to find healthy balance in your life.

So my purpose here is not to point out the problems of our society, most of us are all too aware of the problems, in fact that is exactly the problem.  What I want to do is help people find the solution.    

The solution, the golden egg, is very simply a new perspective.  As I alluded to earlier all disease, discomfort and dissatisfaction is a result of stress, all of it.  So the answer to our problems is to de-stress ourselves and the way to do that is to change our attitude; our perspective.  You can change your problems (work, relationship, neighbourhood) but that will not solve your problems, it will only postpone them because ultimately wherever you go you will be sure to find your attitudes there as well.

So if the solution is a changed attitude how do you begin to do that?  The very first step is to begin to pay attention to how you feel, to how you really feel.  Until we can begin to do that there is no possibility of creating change.  All creation even the creation of change is a conscious process based on feelings, intentions and actions.  So we must become imminently aware of our feelings and then choose ways to change those feelings.

In order to make changes we need to start being in touch with those things that give us a sense of joy and start to focus on them.  This is not a process of denying all the other things that cause us displeasure it is simply a shifting of focus.  An artist creating a masterpiece focuses on bringing out the beauty in their art.  We must treat our lives as our greatest masterpiece and by the focus of our attention on the good in them create more good.

Start to recognize what you are grateful for.   Your home?  Your family?  Your work?  Make at the beginning of your day a time to focus on gratitude.  Slowly and surely your morning becomes “I get to go to work because… because I am providing a lifestyle for the ones I love, because I like my co-workers, because I enjoy my work” and so on.  From this place of appreciation we can look at the things that don’t bring us joy and one at a time bit by bit we can change them until with every breath we can say “I get to…” instead of “I have to…”.

“I get to…” said with sincerity, alone will do wonders to change the stress levels of the busy life.

Blessings,   Image