Nov 1, 2006

For me though the most important thing I see is how deeply connected we are.  It is not possible to teach a course with passion and not find myself staring directly at me.  I see me and I find deeper understanding for the entire world and its many turbulences.

All of these many ripples, these challenges, come down to two issues which can become either weaknesses or strengths.  The first is our penchant for acting unconsciously.  A beautiful gift when it is about getting up and walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night, unconsciousness aids us in our peace and harmony, growth and joy. If it weren’t for this capacity to operate unconsciously we would never have time to create anything new in our lives. 
Without unconscious processes the universe would not hold together; it would simply unravel into chaos. 

Unconsciousness is supported by all the laws of the universe; gravity, cause and affect, attraction, displacement and so on.  It is a wonderful thing that we can rely on such a process. 

Until we put a counterproductive pattern in there; like for example smoking, or drinking, or sarcasm, or selfishness or, or, or…

Suddenly the very principle that holds the universe together starts to unravel our lives with disease, poverty and conflict; the principle of unconscious re-creation itself is not bad, it is solely our use of it.  And once we begin to use a principle counter to the law of life or the law of creation that principle will lead to our death. 

So how is life treating you unfairly, how are things continually wrong?  God, or whatever name you choose for that power, will begin to save you only as you begin to change those deep rooted patterns.  Yes doctors, police and other professionals can sometimes provide a quick fix but the only real solution will be deep inner work, work at loving yourself and all your world.

The great teacher, Jesus, was not providing some magical cure, he was simply explaining and demonstrating powerful laws, the laws of conscious thought and creation, of surrender and attraction. The first cause of turbulence in our lives is the misuse of the principle of unconscious repetition; what goes in must come out.  The second cause of turbulence in our lives is a product of choosing unconsciously, the company we keep.  The people we associate with continually express to us ideas that reinforce those unconscious patterns. 

To make real change in our lives we MUST, absolutely must change the people we associate with.  We must find people who empower us in our dreams, people who demand of us to live up to a higher standard.  We must choose the ones who will build us to our greatness. 

Again, with the company we keep we are being subject to this principle of unconscious repetition.  In this case it is an outward effect and the solution is outer action.  We must if we want a more joy filled life start to consciously deny behavior, whether it is in the form of words or actions.  It is not okay to turn a blind eye to anything which causes hurt.  When we do we are demeaning ourselves and sending ourselves an unconscious message which then reinforces unconscious patterns of self destruction. 

We must forever guard the avenues of our senses from discordant patterns.  Ultimately we must choose to be responsible for the condition of our lives.  We must choose to be responsible for every aspect of the place we stand for; until we do there is nothing about our lives that we can change. 

Clean up what comes in and clean up what goes out.  Take the risk, take the leap.  In my experience when we do, some power greater than we are corresponds to bring greater joy into our lives. 

Could you use a little more joy in your life?

Blessings,   Image