Nov 30, 2005

Many of us forget that happiness is a choice, many more of us are not even aware that joy is a choice It is. 

Life happens; how we respond is our choice.  People will at some point or another cut us off, how we respond is our choice.  People will sometimes get angry with us, how we respond is our choice.  People will sometimes mistreat us, again, our choice.  At some point in our lives the choices will be harder; death, disaster, loss of many kinds. The choice is ours.  

It is always our choice where our attention goes.  In order to make that choice we must be conscious of how we are feeling.  We must actually be paying attention to ourselves. 

Many of us are so busy with our lives that we don’t actually know how we are feeling.  Most of us, most of the time are completely unconscious of what we are thinking.  That too is a choice, a choice not to choose, a choice to give away our power to people and events we cannot change.

Our only real power lies in the choices we make for ourselves; what to think, what to feel and how to respond. 

Yesterday, the flow of my day improved and by the time my work was complete I was able to look back on a good day; more so because I made it so.

I went home and got to make those same choices all over again.  I didn’t do so well.  I was tired, I was grumbling. I had too much work, not enough hours and not enough energy.  It all had to happen after my ‘work’ was done.

Again, after some struggling I chose happiness.  It was not so easy, it isn’t always easy.  Yet I made the effort to shift my focus and I did it, I had a fulfilling evening.

Sometimes you will find it easy to choose joy in your life.  Sometimes you will find it difficult.  Yet still the choice is yours.  Sometimes choosing your happiness takes inner strength.  Always the choice made empowers you.

May your days be empowered by your happiness.