Nov 23, 2005

I arrived home the next day to find my house had been broken into; things were stolen.  I saw it again but this time it was me.  I noticed the obvious, cash, items I used daily, the chaos of the intrusion, but my eyes were blind to all else.  I had become so accustomed to my environment that I could not see the things that were missing.

Often in our lives we take for granted things and people very dear to us.  They start to simply take up space on our mental shelves. 

Sometimes in our lives we forget; we take for granted our own feelings of joy, love and peace.  We don’t even notice when they go missing.  It is easy to think that such feelings are the result of our environment, our friends and affairs but they are not.  They are the result of our choices.  It is a decision to be happy; it is a decision to see goodness in events unfolding around us, it is a decision to appreciate each moment as it unfolds.  The decision is easier made when we have made a habit of it yet we must still remember.

It is a decision to be who we want to be and it is a decision to remember who we have chosen to be. We so easily lose that which we forget about.  The universe builds for us what we think about and removes what we forget. 

The things in my life that were taken can easily be replaced if I want them; they can be released if I was done with them. How I feel can also be replaced as I choose.  Today I choose to appreciate life, I choose joy. 

What do you choose?