Nov 16, 2005

Learning to take action without regard for the outcomes was one of the hardest things I had to discover.  There is still for me often a sense of paralysis that descends when I identify a productive course of action.   This very inertia has often resulted in brash action counter-productive to my desire; action which disregarded its impact on environment and people as well as the outcome.  An overenthusiastic word, forgetting to communicate or assuming that others knew what I was thinking have been disastrous mistakes which have left people feeling wounded.  Get up, dust off and carry on.

I am learning from children; ‘baby steps’.  I hardly focus on my goals in achieving them; they have been internalized to the point of being simple urges.  A toddler does not decide one day to walk, try, fall down, do it again and quit.  Yet for each of us with our dreams that is often what we have done.  That child has a greater ideal, tangible but largely irrelevant.  The bright object on the shelf, that object of parental attention, consumes them to the point of becoming unconscious of their immediate need. 

The true goal becomes superfluous to the tangible desire.  Is it possible that objects of desire only serve to progress us toward a goal of inner growth?  “If you want to feed a man teach him to fish.” If I really want to progress I need to develop new skills.

I am definitely in favour of the progress of inner growth such as direction, assertiveness, anger management and self confidence.  For most people progress would be a term reflecting upon their circumstances.  It would signify better work opportunities, cheaper commodities, more labour saving implements and the like.  Few in the overall spectrum would see progress in terms of personal growth.  Yet I would argue that the only level of progress which is lasting is a reflection of inner growth.  As we as individuals grow our circumstances grow with us, all other growth in our affairs has no real personal value.

May your action today lead to real progress this season, may you discover for yourself deeper gifts of self worth.  May you progress toward a greater realization of your potential.