Oct 26 2005

The problem with this convoluted communication is simply that thoughts and words are creative.  As is often said in motivational talks “what you think about comes about”, when we add the focus of our spoken word to our thoughts we empower the beliefs driving those thoughts.  We start creating patterns in our lives, patterns as varied as our backgrounds yet always according to our intuitive sensibilities; a negative thought or word will create a negative tendency. 

Even a little white lie carries a basic thought that others don’t care enough to listen to our needs; it carries an overall negative or destructive tendency.  This holds true of course for positive thoughts and words as well, the real challenge for most of us is that we don’t actually pay attention to what we are thinking and feeling so unknowingly we create repeating patterns in our lives.

Why does that keep happening to me?  Why is s/he so lucky?, because of a tendency of thinking.
Some people, managers, executives, counselors, sales people and many others are trained to hear the subtle nuances behind the words people speak.  Happy, sad, angry; it is all audible to the person who is consciously listening, paying attention.  We watch the body language, the colour and design of the clothing people wear, we notice make-up, we pay attention to timeliness. All of this most of us do to some degree unconsciously. 

This is much of where those first impressions come from.  We look around a public place and ‘feel’ to avoid certain people and drawn to others.  The professional listener realizes it is usually about the other person and no longer takes personally other peoples emotional packages.  Yet even this listening that only a few are trained to do is of little value in bringing peace to our world, harmony to our communities and joy into our relationships.

What we need to do is learn to listen in a new way.  We need to learn to listen to the hidden intentions back of the words.  In “A Course In Miracles” it states that every communication is a call for love or a gift of love.  In “NVC”(a communication technique developed by Dr Marshall Rosenburg) they say that all communication is either ‘please’ or ‘thank you’.  There are many ways of saying the same thing.  What is important is the practice of listening in this new way; what I call listening to the hidden intentions. 

Every person is seeking to make their life better in the best way they believe possible.  Listening to those hidden intentions helps us to better meet those needs while more readily meeting our own needs.  Listening to intentions helps us to be more honest with ourselves and with others.  Honesty is essential to creating peace in our world, our communities and our homes.

Do I really hear you or am I just listening to my own need to feel good, to feel approval.  Do you hear me?  Through much practice, through diligence and through an intention to create harmony I slowly but surely create a peace filled movement in my life.  I wish for you to catch the wave of peace this week.



Oct 19 2005

It causes me to speculate whether there is some underlying correspondence here.   Maybe if we, as a society, changed our approach to conflict and sought resolution rather than victory there would be a ripple effect right through into global weather patterns; something to ponder. 

What I care to explore today is a word that is being thrown about in conjunction with the present labour dispute between government and teachers; Law.   The word law was derailed thousands of years ago into a completely new and inaccurate use.  At one time it was applied to acts of nature or an unseen power we collectively recognized as the gods or God.  It was something that was beyond our ability to change.  In the realm of science this use of the word law has remained unadulterated since its recorded beginnings with the birth of pure science in the age of the Greek city states.   Within this original context a law is something by its nature, unbreakable; in science if a law can be broken then it is not a law, it is merely a theory or concept.

It was a beautiful move; a “coup d’etat”.  By usurping this one little word governmental and church leaders gave themselves an appearance of authority equal to God and nature. 

Let’s face it, there’s not much authority in ‘rules’.  If I don’t like the rules you play by I can just go play with somebody else, or if I’m big and strong enough I can change those rules; I can make my own game.  Laws on the other hand suggest something immutable and divinely ordained.  To break a law is inherently wrong and somehow not acceptable if it is even possible.  To do so carries an implication of guilt.

So today when a dictator or a majority government passes a ‘law’, (and I really see no effective difference between the two) they have usurped the authority of a supreme deity to execute punishment in order to enforce their will.  That is a scary prospect in this age we live in. 
Democracy is supposed to be a process whereby the collective wishes of the people are represented; it, like all political systems, must be monitored by a level of moral responsibility and integrity within the people.  There must be a willingness to stand by a justice for the majority of people even if that is not in the best interests of a select group of powerful individuals.  As Martin Luther King stated, and I paraphrase; “if a Law is unjust there is a social responsibility of the people to oppose it.” 

It is good to remember in this ‘civilized age’ who makes the Laws and who makes the rules and what the differences are.  When the rules are out of alignment with the Laws it is my duty to adhere to the Laws and support a change of the rules.  This in my estimation is my social, moral and spiritual responsibility.  I honour above all humanity the individual or group willing to stand upon their integrity at the risk of persecution to face their Goliath of political, corporate or social persecution.  This, to me is living in Spiritual integrity; this is the theme of the Israelites in the bible and of the majority of religions worldwide.  To truly and effectively do this I must be willing to look within, listen, declare my good and act with selfless faith to bring about the change we seek.  

Am I willing; something for me to ponder. 



Oct 12 2005

I am obviously a very spiritual person, I am a minister.  For me spirituality is not dogmatic; spirituality is a journey toward a higher understanding of the nature of God, not the nature of God as man defines it to be.  For me true religion is about coming together to explore, discover and share our spiritual nature as it relates to our human nature.  Religion is about seeking to understand Universal truths; it is about discerning the loving intentions of all people that lie back of their opinions. It is about celebrating those pure intentions. 

What I share; my understanding comes through all life as it is presented to me.  Nature is a fundamental source of my learning, nature gives one a freedom to think unconstrained thoughts.  Nature listens, it quietly awaits revelation.  If one is to believe there is a power greater than we are; one that lies back of creation, then nature is Its creation in the purest state.  What happens in nature must be right in the eyes of God if it is truly God’s creation as I believe. 

My next source is the example of those who share my world today; are they happy? Are they fulfilled?  Are they well received?  Are they at peace with their lives?  What are the people like who are influenced by them?  Who were their influences?…  I seek to emulate the successes of these people, I seek to, by association, attention and discernment absorb their attributes.  I also pay close attention to their teachers.  I read the books they recommend and the sources of their favorite quotes.

The last place I look for true spiritual understanding is in the credos of organized religions, businesses and government.  I am personally very grateful that mass repetitions of the prayers of any religious teaching have been removed from our schools.   I am grateful that all uses of one religious teaching are being removed from our government and related organizations.  I am not happy that they are not replaced by simple teachings of common values such as tolerance, generosity and empowerment of others. 

In the recordings of the great teacher Jesus ‘one is more holy who prays in silence without a great show of righteousness’.  Why don’t we incorporate more opportunities for silent reflection, opportunities for each to pray after their own fashion?  Why don’t we create spaces in our schools and public places for silent contemplation, prayer and meditation; gardens and other places of nature or even just set times of silence?

We can eliminate from our society narrow perspectives without eliminating the loving intentions back of those activities.  We can make our community a better stronger healthier place while eliminating dogmas.  Our society; our world is at a point of pivot and each of us has a role to play in bringing about the world we would give to our children.  We make that world by the individual choices we make from moment to moment.

I invite you to choose with me more moments of peace of tolerance, of thanks giving this week.