Sept 21 2005

Intelligence unhindered does this; it expresses an idea, imbues it with creative intention and in action brings that idea into form.

I have heard from a few in my life that intelligence is an individual thing unique to humans and possibly a few sentient creatures. Therefore they would say that life except in the individual is void of ideas. To me this is the height of egotism.  How is it that such a little being as a human could somehow be separate from the greater whole? And how could this little being have something all its own separate from the life it was created out of?

I am firmly convinced that there is a life greater than we are; something back of all life which is intelligent and loving.  I believe this intelligence is available and can be called upon at will by any individual.  I believe it responds intelligently.  To me this is an obvious conclusion that any intelligent study would arrive at.

When we look at the human body we find a chemical composition which is in balance with the Earth, containing the same elements that exist through-out our world.  This same arrangement of elements appears to exist in relative constancy throughout the galaxy.  We are, in our composition, bound by laws explicit in our atomic chart; there are not some atoms in us that don’t exist anywhere else. 

It would logically follow that if we are bound by physical laws we must also be bound by mental and spiritual laws; laws that act everywhere in equilibrium.  Just because the effects of these laws are obscure doesn’t mean they don’t exist nor does it mean that the laws themselves don’t exist.

In fact I would argue that the majority of our modern challenges come from living out of alignment with these natural laws of mind that very much do exist but are not commonly accepted or recognized.  Simply, even in our ignorance the fruits of our harvest remain bound by these laws. 

Upon close examination it apears that every idea we think is a seed planted and our tendency of thought today becomes our harvest of tomorrow. Yesterday’s tendencies are today’s crop.  A positive tendency will bring forth a productive harvest and a negative tendency will bring forth a counter productive harvest. 

In my life over the past twenty years I have consciously applied myself to these principles, to healthy thinking.  My life has transformed into a prosperous experience.  For me, my life is proof of that which I speak, I have applied a law and am experiencing a rich harvest.

This message has been the driving force behind the teachings of the spiritual masters throughout the ages.  They realized these simple truths, practiced them and brought them into their spheres of influence, teaching to those who would listen.  Often their examples appeared miraculous because laws of thinking are so vastly encompassing as to be immeasurable. 

People in awe of their powers did exactly what people through the ages have done when presented with a mystery: they started a new religion.  If we do what he did, walk where he walked, cut our hair and brush our teeth like he did and repeat his stories mantra like we will arrive where he went. 

Unfortunately mimicking the actions of another does not bring the results and so thousands of years later most of humanity is at the same place mentally that we were at the beginning.  So as Paul the apostle said to the Romans “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Or as we might say today; create for yourself a richer experience by thinking uplifting thoughts.

Choose today to start enriching your harvests to come.