Jan 26, 2005

Our thought is creative, not just some of the time like when we would like it to be, but rather all the time.  This is particularly true with emotion laden comments.  And when do we put emotion back of our words? When we feel emotional, joy, sadness, anger, frustration, helplessness and so on. 

For many of us this is a very accurate list; most of those expressed emotions are negative or 'life suppressing', yet they are just as creative as 'life enhancing feelings.  With this awareness of the creative power of emotionally charged words what would happen do you think if this world truly was in love with itself.  It starts with you and me, we are the most beautiful people we honestly know. 

What would happen if we were truly in love with our selves, with that Divinity within us?  Some one recently shared with me how hard it was to get the attention of their partner, an ongoing theme in relationships it seems.   How many people even consider getting God's attention?  And God is the living presence of love abiding within. 

As the great teacher Jesus said -"Love God thy father with all thy heart, all thy mind, and all thy soul.  The great secret of the ages is "God thy father" is you, is the indwelling presence of love.  So when I speak of falling in love with ourselves I mean the beloved within; that presence within you that has never, nor ever could be sullied by an impure thought.  This beloved within is more real than your neighbour, your co-worker or even your significant other. 

And yet as you come to know it you discover it is them.  And so he said "love your neighbour as yourself.  So next time you speak of your neighbour, co-worker or political leader remember that you really are speaking about God and your words will very much influence how they think and behave in 'your' world.  It will be your job, your home and your life that will be ultimately influenced by your casual words and hidden passion. 

Your loving thoughts and words are the peals that guarantee your riches. My passion for you is your greatness and my knowing is that you are the living examples of heaven on earth and it is truly my blessing to be able to ramble into your lives. 

Thank you so much.