Feb 2, 2005

We all like to live our lives in happiness, We don't do well with unresolved stuff. Yet many of us choose to be insensitive to our deeper feelings, we find ways and means to distract ourselves; television, music, work, it's a never ending list. The only difference for me may be my commitment to take ownership of my life AND my realization that all things can be resolved through an age old process called surrender and forgiveness. This is not new to this day nor I expect to you.

What may be new is the realization that this process is continuous. Forgiveness very simply is the practice of letting go, not to the things, people or the situations but rather to our attachment to them. Our attachment is emotional, it is our investment. Some of us build an investment in God through emotions of appreciation, joy and love. To speak the truth I must be in the truth. The truth very simply is all that is life promoting. So I must willingly release my needs to be right. I must surrender to an eternal presence within that always knows a peaceful way. I must do it to ensure growth in my life. The result of living this lesson that Jesus taught is empowerment and enrichment; and it also, for me, happens to be better talks. I know that this simple practice that works so well in my life will also work in your life if you embrace it. Blessings on your road to riches.

In Love and Light,