Perfect Opportunity

There is only Life; it is perfect full and present in every way. It is the All in all forever expanding and unfolding in a creative process beyond comprehension.  I am one with this one life. It is moving in and through my body of experiences awakening an urge to express life at the level of my being in great new ways.

I am inspired!  Ideas come to me in their perfect time and I am invested with the tools to bring them to fruition.  I take action and opportunity unfolds; the right people appear in the right moment with all the appropriate skills and equipment. Regulations and open like the doors to heaven and restrictions fall away allowing the perfect unfolding of these great ideas.  Always the authority of the Master Creator establishes a harmonious outcome of providential returns.  Money flows freely to meet and exceed every need of God work happening through me; it shows up in a timely manner and ensures divine outcomes.

I am blessed and filled with gratitude that always The Infinite shows up for me and every opportunity is the perfect opportunity.  I shine in thanks to the One Awe-Source for this great thing of my heart is already done..
And So It Is     

Affirmation:  I get out of my way and Discover God Today.