God Rises In Me

Light, Life; beginning anew.  Every moment is the Infinite blossoming in perfect nature.  Every moment is Divine Majesty unfolding and enfolding all It’s intrinsic perfection, the One Life is forever rising to greater vistas of pure perfection.  Symphonic perfection reveals itself in every note, in every structure and living progression of consciousness.  The One Life reveals its perfection in me, through me and as me.  I am the vessel of Divinity and It finds expression in the activity of Mind that I am.

I awaken to the magnificence that is my birthright.  I discover in the silence of my attention that sacred presence.  I feel the rush of the Deep calling me to awaken, to open and to remember the song and truth of my soul; who I am.  As I awaken and remember I feel the inexhaustible power of love as it spreads Its welcome tendrils in to the deepest and darkest places of my being.  I give permission I say “Yes.”  My heart soars and God rises on the wings of my Love and all my world is enriched and blessed.  And good pours into all my endeavours.

I am blessed and grateful; I am increased in this drive of Life dancing upon my soul and I am thankful to this God given life, that it reflects perfectly on the outer the drive of my heart and intentions within.  I am grateful that this rich expression is already fulfilled now.  It is complete.

And So It Is     

Affirmation:  My Divine Light shines away the darkness of ignorance Now!


Giving Light; Becoming Bright

The Light of Life Shines Its radiance upon and through all that It is.  All that this One is ‘is’ the source and repository of Its brilliance.  I am one with this Infinite Beingness and my light is that light personalized in me, through me, as me, by my very engagement in this thing called Life.

Recognizing this Source Oneness of my being I actively radiate the light of my soul into every relationship.  Where it shines it grows. As my relationships grow lighter and brighter so to do I; I am lifted by the love I ‘give’.  I give because it is a joy to give, to share and to receive.  It is a gift to be in the flow of Life, it is a gift to feel the glow of oneness upon my soul and to know the joy of Divine relationship in all my actions and interactions.

I celebrate the richness th at washes into over flowing from my soul as the radiance of the One Life finds expression in this ever growing community of consciousness through my sure being.  I am anchored by the light I am as I let it pass into all my relations right now.  And so all that I am is released into the One Law, already fulfilled.  Light makes life manifest right now and my life is manifested by the Light that is the promise of my whole being today.

Oct 05 12


Today’s Quote: The influence of each human being on others in this life is a kind of immortality. ~John Quincy Adams


Today’s Affirmation: I talk the Light and I walk the Light and in the Light I ignite my world.


Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: Never underestimate the influence of a simple action for it is just such actions that reflect our deepest beliefs and convictions.  And it is our beliefs and convictions alone that shape our world, all of our experiences and every person whose life we touch.