Intelligent Thought

Life is infinite; Life is conscious. Life knows every aspect of the breadth of Its being. It is the nature of Life to act in intelligent harmony with the Love that It is; It only and ever expresses in the pure fullness of Love. I am the expression of Divine Intelligent Design. I am the perfect individualization of that infinite and perfect Intelligence and all I do springs from this Universal One.

I set my mind to intelligent thought. I think on creation, on craft, on beauty and design. I think on connection and cooperation, on dreams and desires; I fill every space of my mind with thoughts of my passion realized. Every thought I have is a sacred dance with the Divine and bears a rich harvest in all my affairs. The overflowing garden of my soul spills over and propagates a new crop of Love and Creativity in every heart I touch. By intelligent, focused design I build my heart, my dreams and my world into a field of Love, Peace and Joy.

With gratitude and directed intention I celebrate the outcome of transformation by my intelligent design. Great things are happening by Spirit through me, as me, and I let them happen. I have sown the seeds and released this word already; and even now it is done. With upwelling joy I release every intention knowing it is now complete.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I choose Love today because Love serves me Every Day.