Daily Inspiration: A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him I may think aloud. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today’s Affirmation: My companions are my aura; I am attractive to the consciousness of Love.

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation: People naturally gravitate to us who align with us. If you ever questioned the tendency of your thoughts just look at your circle of companions. The one who holds with consistency and clarity to high principles will maintain such a circle of acquaintances, only ever having a few ‘learners’ in their inner circle at any time; not by conscious choice for the Master always says ‘Yes’.

Aug 31 2005

My life has become much happier since I discovered there are certain things in life that I have an urge to do and other things that are for others.  I realized through that choice that if we all do what makes us happy all things will get done and we will all enjoy life more completely.  Life really does support us to do what we love.  It does support us to follow our bliss. 

We can each choose to do what we have passion for and with perseverance and a supportive environment, we can achieve success and enjoyment.  We must make decisions; we must make choices; first our environment and the people we associate with.  This is one of the most fundamental keys to success; there is an infinite power for good which supports us and we can use it but first we must choose it. 

In the Bible the great teacher Jesus said where ever two or more are gathered in my name there I am.  In metaphysical teaching ‘I Am’ is the presence of God in man, and any time we make the declaration ‘I am …’ we are literally invoking the power and presence of God in our lives. 

From this perspective Jesus is telling us to choose people to be in our inner circle who know our greatness for us.  When we do this a power unknown in darker times works for a good unforeseen in our lives, we achieve success in the area of our passion; we discover our passion.  But first we must choose for ourselves people who say ‘Yes’, we must eliminate the naysayers. 

Take heed that generally speaking the most powerful doubters are those who carry titles and initials, those who carry authority and our families.  Often we must look long and hard to find the ones who truly see for us our infinite potential and stand unwaveringly behind us.   

Every story of greatness illustrates this pattern whether it is the story of Jesus who sought his inner circle of disciples, the story of the pilot, Emilia Earhart and the people who stood behind her, never doubting her or the story of the Wayne Gretzkey and the Edmonton Oilers. 

Success is more often a product of affirmative friends, passionate desire and dogged determination than of any other combination.  True success is first a product of doing what we love to do; it is only in this that we will have the passion to move through adversity.  

I have found my greatest measure of success in living my passion and I have continually grown in prosperity by living in adherence to my convictions.  Many doors have opened because I have had direction, purpose and a circle of supportive friends; people who know my success in what I love to do.  This is the greatest gift I can and choose to give to those who choose my company. 

Thank you for your company and may you have joy in the work of your passison.

In Love and Light,