June 29 2005

This week I have allowed myself time and given myself some forgiveness.  Getting married and moving my new wife, Hannah, from Red Deer all the way to our very new home in Vernon all in the same week, while maintaining church and other work has been enough for even my rigorous standards…almost.  And it is exactly that “almost” that makes forgiveness such a challenge. 

Firstly, forgiveness is ultimately about forgiving ourselves. 

It really has nothing to do with other people.  Why, because ultimately we are in charge of our lives.  We are the creators by the way we think and the way we have thought in the past.  Like all forces of nature, thought has a cumulative effect; it works in a similar manner to water or electricity. Even that “almost”, especially with feeling invested in it is creative, just as a trickle of water is creative and more-so with pressure.  

You see; feeling is the creative power behind thought.  If you use the image of water in a lake, not moving existing only as the potential for power, waiting for that drop; that’s where the creative power is, in the motion.  All thought is empty without an investment of feeling or emotion (E= energy in ‘motion’, e-motion, emotion); and passionate or emotional thought is particularly creative. 

So there is little value in saying or thinking “I hate… (fill in the blank)” with all the passion you can muster and then canceling with an empty negation, silent or vocal.  Your thought and words will have directed your creative ‘feeling’ onto a destructive course that will have an outcome in your personal affairs.  By the same token appreciative thoughts with feeling will have a positive effect –and the cumulative effect will determine your overall experience. 

Just as with a drop of water no visible effect can be detected one individual thought will show no determinable results. It’s in the flow of thought and feeling that we see results, so forgiveness with feeling is the key to enriching our lives.

This is ‘the Science of Mind’; and a basic understanding of its principles has been the most personally enriching study I have ever undertaken because of its direct personal impact.
May your week be filled with a flow of good feeling.

In Love and Light,