October 19 2012

Treatment – I Am Supported by Rev Dale

There is One Life standing in, through and under all life.  It is absolute power and balance; the assurance of absolute awareness and the sweetness of absolute love. It is the All that is all.  In this All my faith is solid; I am one with Life itself and all that I choose is solidly supported by All Life.

In the presence of this overwhelming support I venture forward in faith.  I take action toward the fullness of my dream today.  I daringly throw myself into the apparent unknown while knowing with complete assurance that even this is already known to the One.  The only risk remaining is the risk of forgetting and that is beyond possibility in the midst of forward action.  I act now because I am supported.  I act now because I am alive in the passion of my dream.  I act now because the outcome has been witnessed in my heart and is already assured.  I act now because all the world awaits my action and all joy hangs in the balance upon my choice for joy.  I act now from my Yes!, and step into the fullness of my dream.

I act with gratitude for I know from the subtle silence where my life begins that I am fully supported in the sweetness of Divine Love.  With this deep conviction I let go knowing my word has blossomed fruitful already in the embrace of the Infinite, creative One.
And So It Is

Affirmation: God said Yes already; and so I Move right Now.