This Occasion Lifts Me

Central to every life is the Infinite Life. It is the Innermost and the Uppermost, all encompassing and all embracing. It is the Intelligence back of and permeating every life as every life, fully present and completely individualized. It is the Unity that is the full expression of my oneness; that which guarantees that I am the power in my life. And every moment of my being is a God moment made manifest through my willingness.  I am the microcosm of the macrocosm and all that It is is my potential.

I recognize now that with such a Power back of me, lifting me, that my success in life is guaranteed. I recognize that right here and now I have all that I need; all the tools, all the resources, all the support and all the time necessary to live the life that I would choose to live. To become the person I would choose to become. I am the microcosm in perfect accord with the macrocosm and I do all that is called for right now to create my heaven on earth. I do it because I know it and this occasion elevates me into my Joy.

My life is a celebration of gratitude to the magnificence of the Divine that has given all before ever it was requested; that has fulfilled this word before it was spoken. And so in this whelming joy I surrender this word as I give over to the dream made manifest. Thank you God.

And So It Is

Affirmation: It is Good, It is God, and So It Is for Me.

Heart Fullness

God is the great arbiter of Life. Being the whole of Life It is the active designer of all that is. And God’s design is for Love and only Love because that is the whole extent of God.  I recognize this Truth because it is the highest Truth of my being.  I am created of the One.  My whole being innately knows my Oneness and knows my proximity to this Eternal Life.  I am existing in and as that One, forever growing in Its pure and perfect demonstration.

Today I simply allow the full flavour of my love to arise. I get out of the way and let my heart take the lead. It knows what to do.  In complete surrender I let my heart lead me into Love’s revelation. I allow myself tbe the innocence of Divine Love and let my soul touch the whole. And that which I give finds it’s way back to me in richest of returns.

I am blessed and know that it is so. With a heart full to overflowing I give up my word in gratitude to the Infinite for I know that it is truly spoken and truly heard. So now knowing it is so I let it go bearing fruit to the very heart of my life; Done and complete.

And So It Is

Affirmation: The Perfect Love of the One Beloved is all I choose for me to know.

I Use my God-Tools

God Is the Master Creator; The builder of Perfection. God is alive in all of creation.  I am created in the image of God and I know that all I am is God stuff from my body to my love and my intelligence I am the creative expression.

Recognizing my Oneness I use the tools God gave; I carve out the perfect life.  Using only Love as my direction I acquire Peace, I discover Power, I embrace the Light and I find Compassion. I find many tools and I use them. I engage in a life worth living. I uplift souls and transform lives. I use my innate generosity in hand with time and talents to make a real difference to create the kind of world I would choose to live in. And with every act of generosity something wonderful comes back to me. I feel the joy of giving I feel the depths of Love coursing through my being. Because I really use my ‘God’ tools I experience a ‘God’ life filled with Joy and Peace and deep Fulfillment.

And that is my Gratitude. In every moment, in every way I am filled to overflowing with Gratitude because this ‘God’ thing has touched me and I have listened and responded with action. And Love has found It’s way in my world. And when Love comes I let it, I stand aside in complete surrender knowing my work is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I serve a greater Good today; I make a difference in some Sweet way.

Forever Forward, Forever Firm

The Infinite abides, fully present, in this moment. And in this moment all time and space are contained; all time and space are contained in the embrace of Love.  Love is all there is. It is God, and It is the passion of God. I am one of this Infinite Field of Love and all that I am, and all that I do, springs from this Prime Directive. I am motivated by Love’s Universal expression for It is alive in me, through me, as me. I surrender into this Truth and speak my word.

From this Love of my being I make my declaration to move forward with solid strides in the one direction that Love would take me.  I surrender to Love’s unwavering call and I build upon this foundation. Love is firm, I am firm, I am perfectly aligned with Love and am passionate to move forward in Love’s direction. I take strides building relationships, nurturing the Divine in everyone I meet. I take strides making space for Love to show up. I let go of past stories for I have come full circle into the Love that sets me free. My commitment is complete.

I am thrilled in the results of transformation. I am filled with gratitude and so in this completeness I let go.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I make my life by living my principles.

Foundation For Change

In the Infinite Field of All Perfection every life exists in perfect accord with the Oneness from which it issued forth. Each and every individualization is a conduit of all creation; each a perfect out-picturing of Divine Potentiality. I am one of this Infinite individualizing and expressing, I am realizing potential with all the love I express.

Today I focus on being all that I would choose to see. I choose to live ‘love’ at the highest level. I enter deeply into the stillness within and hear loves lullaby to my soul. I speak from the authority of knowing that my word is made manifest. I act in integrity with my word and my soul and live the example of the peace that is mine.  And all that I do goes forth into my world creating waves of transformation. I affect the whole world by being in integrity right here, right now.

What I do is done by the Grace of God for I am one of God and living in the gratitude of my word fulfilled. I know it is done and simply let go and let God.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Wherever I go my Love goes with me and I am completely engaged.

I Bend To Love

One Infinite Field of Intelligence embraces all that it contains. This all encompassing Intelligence is the Intelligence of Love; fully alive and fully present. It is the Power and Force of Life and every life is fully imbued with this Power, this Force. I am one of This; one of the Power, the Force and the Life. I am the Word and the Law and I speak my Word now from the Love of which it has arisen.

I declare the power of Love in my Life. It moves me deeply and leads me to stretch in new ways every day. Constantly this force like a living hand, guides me gently and steadily to a greater good. It is the whisper in my soul that I look forward to. My day is not complete until It touches me, moves me, and directs my very being into the perfect unfolding. Synchronicity works in all my encounters. When Love pushes I bend, I flow and I affect change in my affairs.

This new movement is the motion of God caressing my soul and I rejoice and willingly celebrate. I am blessed and I know it.  I have simply shown up willingly and God has unreservedly given all I desire to me. Again I say thank you as I release and let God.  It is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I give my whole self to the Whole; and let It’s wholeness reshape me.

Self Nurture

Life is complete in It’s perfection and Perfect in It’s completion.  Every life is one of this Life; each life a perfect individualization of It.  I am one of this Life, in every detail perfect, complete and whole.  Today I speak from my perfection.

I acknowledge that life is the kind of good that gives space for me to be me. I use this space to nurture my whole being.  Spirit, Soul, Body and Mind are given energy.  I give space when I need and take space equally. I take the time to nurture myself body and soul.  I engage with friends and family, I give them quality time and deal with the things that ‘come up’ for me.  I am the author of my life. I choose how I feel and who is close enough to know how I feel.  I truly do feel supported; I truly do feel nurtured.

It is wonderful to know that I am loved by me even as I am Loved by the Divine.  I am filled with gratitude knowing that I and the Infinite have achieved the perfect balance; that self nurture is Divine nurture and that there is eternally the perfect amount of space for me to feel really good about me. My gratitude extends to the heart of my being and embraces the Infinite.  It is already done and released into the hands of the Master Creator.  I let go.
And So It Is

Affirmation: I love myself today and show my appreciation in new and wonder filled world.

I See Only The Good

One Infinite Goodness opens up in the full presence of my awareness. I am witness to One Life; perfect complete and whole. It exists in all, through all, in pure perfection as all that is. Being created from this One Infinite Life I remain one of It. And all that It is stands as my infinite potential. From this Presence I speak my word, it is power, it is goodness, and it is creative.

I declare now that in my world there is only good. I see through the veil of form into every loving intention. I know that as I see so my life unfolds for me. All things resolve into greater good. I relinquish every need to make others wrong, I relinquish the urge to blame, to make bad, or in any way find fault. Today I see only the good. I see nature in all it’s splendour opening up in magnificent glory; the stars, the sun and moon, oceans and rivers, and all the plants and creatures of every kind celebrating life. I continually witness the human proclivity toward right choices, loving choices. I see Love at every turn.

What I see comes to me so now I celebrate with gratitude. I celebrate knowing that all good is unfolding. I celebrate from a thankful heart that know I live a life of ever increasing joy. I celebrate knowing that this word is now surrendered to the Infinite and the Infinite made it so before it was ever even spoken. It is Done now. And So It Is

Affirmation: Bad news is Not news; Good News is all I hear today.

I Give To Me

One Life, One Power, One God. This One is all encompassing and everywhere present.  It is All Love and Loves completely all that It is. I am one of the Infinite Allness fully embraced in Its complete inclusivity.  All the Love that It pours into every point of It’s being is pouring into me now and is finding outlet through this word.

I feel the Love and I give the Love. I let it pour forth with concern as to how it shows up in any moment. I simply give; and the more I give the more I receive. It just keeps coming back to me.  With this incredible awareness I make my giving a conscious endeavor.  I find new ways to give, new channels of giving and new ways to challenge myself in my giving.  I give to the world and I give to me. I nurture myself with appreciation knowing that all I appreciate grows. And so I grow. As I give out and as I give in I grow.

In great and deep gratitude I am witness to the growth; in myself, in my affairs, in my estate and in my world. I witness and I celebrate. It is good and It is God. I celebrate and I let go.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation: As I look at You I see me; And I really Love the Me I See.

Into The Light

There is One Field; Infinite and All encompassing.  There is One Consciousness; It is the Field. There is One Light; It is the Consciousness forever expanding, forever individualizing, forever increasing in the Power and Magnitude of Love that It Is.  Every life that exists is this One Light perfectly individualized while continuing as one of the Whole.  I am the living individualization of this One and my word is the avenue of It’s increase. I speak the word of Love and where it goes Light forever expands.

In this moment I know that I am transcending a human-centric perspective of life.  I am seeing something bigger.  All sense of separation is dissolving away.  Every discomfort is dissolving into nothingness. I am realizing peace in my heart as I whole-heartedly enter into the Whole.  Tensions fade away and my life takes on the brilliance of Divine alignment. All that I look upon is brighter, richer and luminescent; in vivid contrast to the empty opacity of a dreary yesterday.  I am stepping into the Light. There is no mistake; It’s brilliance is a balm upon my soul for all is in harmony.  I have taken that step and am now arrived home. I am in the Light, of the Light and expressing as the Light in every way.

And I am filled with exaltation in the glory of the Light; the One Life, Love Itself, God. I am humbled in gratitude for the Power of this Radiant Light and the complete transformation It has delivered into my life simply in the realization of this One Truth. And  so now I make of my life a complete surrendering into the Grace of the Divine; knowing that God has fulfilled and made it so.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation: Today I embrace the Light, and I embrace Her emissary now; I Am the Light.