In The Flow

Infinite Life authors all of creation.  It is the source, supply and impetus back of everything.  It is the heart and soul of everything.  It is the Source of my Oneness with every life. In this breath I affirm that oneness. I am One with and as the Source of all life.  My word is the Law and I speak my word Now.

Today I declare that I am surrendered into the flow of a higher good. I declare my willingness to let the currents of creation take me to high ground, to place me in the most fertile environment for me.  I know that my ideas are Divine ideas passing through me for my greater good and the good of the entire world. I declare right now that great things are happening through me and all blessings are mine for I Am In The Flow.

I surrender this word now to the Infinite Alive in my centre. I am in the flow and I know it so I let go and let God.

And So It Is


Today’s Affirmation:  I say “Yes” and step aside; Spirit delivers my good today.

I Know My Wholeness

There is an Infinite, Absolute and All Encompassing Power that truly exists transcendent of my consciousness. It exists through all life as Life. It exists beyond the spectrum of human awareness into the fullness of every measure of infinity.  And It is fully present in me, through me, as me; I am the individualization of infinite intelligence right here where I am.

In this awareness I am filled with the knowledge of my wholeness. I recognize this Divine Potential of my being and I stretch into greater activity in this unlimited potentiality. I step beyond the limitations of the human condition.  I am no longer fooled by shallow and mesmerizing appearances of duality. I am anchored in the truth of my Oneness, I am grounded in the vision of my heart.  I see oneness wherever I look. I see Oneness and demonstrate the affluence of Wholeness.

In this moment of Wholeness I am looking upon the face of God. I am looking in awe and wonder. I am looking in complete surrender and feeling the fullness of that blessing for in Wholeness I feel the perfect alignment of knowing that the Infinite has heard and responded. Every measure of Wholeness is mine already.

And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I am in Integrity with Life today and am One of this circle of Love Now.

Beyond Appearances

There is One Power completely present and alive in all that is.  It is the Power of Creation, It is Intelligence; All Intelligence, knowing no degrees. That which It thinks into being is already complete; its inception is God’s extension, thus it is all that God Is. I Am This. All that I know is God’s Knowing for me and It Is Complete.

My knowing is instantaneous, beyond appearances and forever complete.  I think the thought and it is done.  The eye is delayed; the eye is deceived, the confusion of the masses creates the illusion of process for there is a mass identification with a belief in separation.  Yet God is Now and that which I desire is done Now.  My faith is in this knowing.  My faith goes beyond appearances for it is of God.  I simply embrace the good of my word and it is fulfilled. In this I give over to God letting God’s knowing be mine now.

In gratitude I surrender. I thank God that the transformation is upon me.  I thank God that my faith is whole and my work is surrendered for it is thus that it is done.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I see me as no-one can for I see me as I truly am.