Becoming What I Love

God is All there is. A perfect and pure Presence underlying, and fully absorbed in, all It’s creation.  And all that ‘is’ is the creation of God.  I am the creation of God, the fullness of God individualized, and the living potential of all that God is.
Today I live my potential to the fullest of my capacity. I stretch into a greater expression of all that I love. I fill my space with my presence and bring my purest essence into each and every moment. I stretch into my passion and let no distraction obscure my vision. I choose now and today to be all that I would choose to become. I embody Joy and Peace, Love and Light, I embrace Power and Life and all things right.

I embrace the truth of all that is and accept it is given and I am transformed completely. I accept knowing that it is already done for the Infinite has responded before the word. I accept as I release; it is done.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  I rise above and accept my good now.

My Revelation is Pure

The Infinite speaks in the whisper of every soul.  It is present in everything. All encompassing, All knowing, All powerful; the Infinite is the substrate and ambience of life; every life.  It is the power and the presence that is imbued in, as and through every life.  It is my life.  All that I am is this One Infinite individualizing as me. I am one of the whole and all that It ‘Is’ is available to me.
In this clarity I let go; completely and utterly.  I realize that every whisper I have ever heard in my soul has been the Infinite calling the individual home. Today I let go, I open my heart and I listen. I listen to the ‘God’-song of my soul and hear how it is all Love calling me home.  Every old voice of dissent is cast out now.  It is a discord to the joyous song of harmony that fills my whole being now. I am in perfect alignment with the One.  In this moment I know that every block to the truth I would choose is easily eliminated, for in truth there never was a block except a past that I have now completely released. In this moment I know that I hear true and that my revelation is pure.

This word is a celebration now for I realize that in my willingness to hear The Infinite has made Itself audible to me.  I now sit up and take note as the One Voice is heard and revealed Now.  Thank you God; it is done.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  I hear the Divine and know my Inheritance today.

Validation of My Faith

One Life; One Love, all that I see and imagine is swept into this field of Oneness. For all that I can see and imagine and all that is beyond imagining is this One.  And It is Good.  By this measure I know who I am.  For as it is in the vastness of this Universe it must also be true in me.  I am one of the Universe and so I am good even as the Infinite is, I am Love as pure as the Infinite for that is my source and my dimension and nothing other than that is real. Right now I revel in my power for I know I am bringing good into my world; that is all I Am, that is all there is.
Right now I feel the depths of my love for God for I know the measure of my faith is in the pouring forth of this richness.  Every detail that arrives has come by right of consciousness.  I know that my desire, grounded in good, is fulfilled and I need not stress about it.  I recognize the law at work.  And I realize the mystery. For that which comes, arrives in the midst of the thought; already delivered, and all that was never imagined, yet of great value, comes in the same accord.

There is One Power that delivers all, One Power that attends to all and One Power that soothes the Soul. I am so grateful to this One Power, this One Life and this One Love for by my faith it has made my life sweet and delivered what I never thought to ask for. My faith has made me open, my faith has made me willing and in such accord I give of myself in complete surrender.  I let go; in peace I release for I know my every wish to be is already delivered now.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  I walk my walk in the footsteps of the Divine today as Love and more Love comes my way.

I Clearly See My Place

One Life permeates the fullness of It’s one body; the manifest body of existence.  This body is all that is visible and tangible. It is the natural extension of Infinite Love and Intelligence and it is forever growing and transforming.  I am this Infinite Intelligence individualizing and that which I call ‘my body’ is the manifest form of my thoughts, feelings and desires.
Right now I know my place in the design of the Infinite. I see clearly the gift I offer,  I am blessed in all that I receive.  All that ‘is’ abides with me and is for my use for has come to me by my agreement in mind.  Today I claim all that is before me for it belongs to me by right of consciousness. When the need arises God does not withhold and every action brings me closer to the home I would choose.  I have found my place and my family, and I have realized the fount of love that abides in me. I know who I am; I have witnessed my God and felt my heart overflowing.
I see clearly my Source and my place, and know that I could never be bereft in such an awesome presence. I am filled with a fullness of heart that flows into every moment and all my company.  I surrender my word now and in all eternity.  I know it is complete for in my release I have found my place revealed. It is done now.

And so it is.


Affirmation:  I Am here on purpose and rejoice in my Choices.

I Am Flexible For My Good

This eternal Universe is forever in a state of flux while remaining unchanged and unchangeable. It contains already all that is while all that is forever discovers new and glorious ways of expression. Every point of this Infinite Intelligence is one of this profound magnificence. I am one of this Infinite Intelligence forever discovering the magnificence that I am.

In every way I am discovering my greater good.  I am always bending in just the right ways to experience a Love that is all around me. From the Love of my being I am interfacing with the unique expressioning of Infinite Love at every turn.  I am finding God in every corner and every quarter. I am discovering Love in, through, and back of every encounter, and into each and every moment I bring my own Love. In all of this I continue to discover new ways.  I bend and stretch always finding it comfortable, always finding myself capable in body, mind and spirit. I give my best and I get the best no matter what it looks like or how it appears.  Even those things of questionable expression reveal themselves to be my great opportunities.

I rejoice in it all. Good is my inherent right and my privilege, I accept it with gratitude and thanks for the Infinite has already delivered even as I stretch into these new vistas before me. I let go and I let God for I do know that my good is upon me now and always.

And so it is.

Affirmation:  My thought is my vessel and I sail into more Love today.

Master of My Word

One Life, It is God, forever complete, forever expanding, all knowing, and all encompassing. This One Life is Creation, all Creation, and except for this One Life there is no Creation. Every life is this One Life individualizing.  There is no separation.  Every life is this One Life creating and every loving expression of every life is an act of creation.  I am one of this One Life in love with life and pouring myself forth in an act of love.

I am creator and creation in creation through the power of my word. I speak my word from the depths of my deepest beliefs; my values and feelings. Today I get in touch with those deepest feelings, values and beliefs and bring them into the heart of my being; I expose them to the Light of Love.  Every belief is exposed and every belief is gone except the belief that Love is all there is and the only thought that remains is the eternal question “What would my Love do now?”  I act in accord and speak my word. And every word is aligned, is in harmony with my thought that I, the ‘I’ of my Love, has my way today and my word is fulfilled this day.
I declare my gratitude, my only gratitude, for the One Life, the One Law, the One All Encompassing that holds me in the fullness of my heart unto It. And I let go for there is no-thing left, only Love, and the deep knowing that it is Done.

And so it is.


Affirmation: I speak my word and witness my returns; It Is Done Now.

I Use The Tools

Life is the vastness of all encompassing completeness. It is All and It is all inclusive. Everything that exists is the individualization of this All-One.  I am one of It and I know my oneness.  I am the word and I am the Law. I speak the word and God works my word.

Today I acknowledge that process knowing that my power springs from my covenant with the Divine. I live in perfect accord with the Law of Love. My every thought aligns and all my words are an affirmation of Loving Action. I speak my  heart and rejoice in my perfect results, my perfect outcomes. I am in the flow of goodness and It simply pours itself into my affairs. I maintain through use of the tools of consciousness knowing thus that my tomorrow is forever more than my yesterday. I think right, I speak right and I act right upon the contemplations of my soul.

I experience a profound gratitude for I know that the Law never fails; as I go forward with Love, with a clear mind and firm intention the Universe delivers in dividends. All that I desire comes to me for all that I desire is the greatest good of all. And I definitely experience my greatest good now.

And so it is.

Affirmation: Love is my First tool; I use It today. It is the only way.

A Whole New Thought

There is One Life and that Life has thought all life into being in every moment. Every life that ‘is’ is an individualized expression of that One Life in all Its perfection.  I am one of that Life; I am the individualization of It embodying all that It is at the level of my acceptance.

Today I choose to accept more of It as the truth of me; more Love, more Joy, more Peace.  I choose to be more of the Opulence of the Divine and I know exactly how to make that choice. Today I choose to ‘think’ into being that which I desire; all of it.
I choose a life of fullness. I think my thoughts with great attention for I recognize that every thought is creative. I let go of any thought that ‘I may not be able to’ change my thinking, be positive, change my attitudes or make new life choices.

Today I make my stand in consciousness and all Life stands with me. Events open up in support of my new direction and I am filled with gratitude. I am witness to a change that only God could have orchestrated. I am witness to the transformation of my life and right now I surrender into it. I am transformed now.

And so it is.

Affirmation: My thought is Gods Thought for me today; and a greater good just comes my way.