I Use The Tools

Life is the vastness of all encompassing completeness. It is All and It is all inclusive. Everything that exists is the individualization of this All-One.  I am one of It and I know my oneness.  I am the word and I am the Law. I speak the word and God works my word.

Today I acknowledge that process knowing that my power springs from my covenant with the Divine. I live in perfect accord with the Law of Love. My every thought aligns and all my words are an affirmation of Loving Action. I speak my  heart and rejoice in my perfect results, my perfect outcomes. I am in the flow of goodness and It simply pours itself into my affairs. I maintain through use of the tools of consciousness knowing thus that my tomorrow is forever more than my yesterday. I think right, I speak right and I act right upon the contemplations of my soul.

I experience a profound gratitude for I know that the Law never fails; as I go forward with Love, with a clear mind and firm intention the Universe delivers in dividends. All that I desire comes to me for all that I desire is the greatest good of all. And I definitely experience my greatest good now.

And so it is.

Affirmation: Love is my First tool; I use It today. It is the only way.

A Whole New Thought

There is One Life and that Life has thought all life into being in every moment. Every life that ‘is’ is an individualized expression of that One Life in all Its perfection.  I am one of that Life; I am the individualization of It embodying all that It is at the level of my acceptance.

Today I choose to accept more of It as the truth of me; more Love, more Joy, more Peace.  I choose to be more of the Opulence of the Divine and I know exactly how to make that choice. Today I choose to ‘think’ into being that which I desire; all of it.
I choose a life of fullness. I think my thoughts with great attention for I recognize that every thought is creative. I let go of any thought that ‘I may not be able to’ change my thinking, be positive, change my attitudes or make new life choices.

Today I make my stand in consciousness and all Life stands with me. Events open up in support of my new direction and I am filled with gratitude. I am witness to a change that only God could have orchestrated. I am witness to the transformation of my life and right now I surrender into it. I am transformed now.

And so it is.

Affirmation: My thought is Gods Thought for me today; and a greater good just comes my way.