Expanding Into My Abundance

God Life is wealthfulness for God is the allness of life. Everything that ‘is’ is contained within the Infinite, it is of the Infinite, it is the individualization of the Infinite. Therefore God nature is the flow of wealth.  I am one of this all encompassing opulence. I am one of the richness of life. I am in the flow. I am one of God and one with God.

I recognize the riches of heaven and realize that heaven is right here where I am.  It is just a thought away. I get that my old thinking has been the cause of an impoverished life, a life where my good only ever equalled my greatest need. I am fully aware now that this limited experience was the product of limited thinking bound to an erroneous mindset.  Today I let go of that old outlook, I look around and see the opulence of God in all I see.  I let go into it realizing that I am one of God and all that I look upon requires only that I accept it is already mine.  I accept it and witness how completely it shows up in my life and affairs.

There is nowhere that I go where God is not. My opulence flows to me and sticks with me.  I am in the rich storehouse of God. I am where I belong. I surrender into the fullness of this experience simply allowing God work to be done now.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I let go and let money flow; all abundance is mine Now!

Gods Way!

There is One Power; Life, all knowing and everywhere present.  This Power is Love; the essence of Life.  It is the presence of Joy and It is exactly where I am.  It moves in me, through me, as me; It is me at the level of my acceptance and conviction.

Right now I move into my divine conviction and make my claim.  I let go of little agendas for selfish interests because I know there is a higher plan. I am one with an Infinite Knowing and all that I need to know is already mine at a heart level.  My soul knows.  My soul is the God in me knowing the truth for me and in every moment it is revealed. I am astute and aware; I see the signs and I act upon them.  I follow the path to my highest good unerringly.  I am alert to the subtle signals of Spirit and always take up the Cause. Spirit speaks in a cadence that sets my heart, mind and body into action.

God has prepared the way and I am unwavering from this path. I have no choice for God in me, as me, Is me and willingly surrender to the highest interests of my heart. I let go and I let God.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I follow my desires, listen to the voice, welcome the change; and Spirit does the work.

The Past Is Gone

God is the presence that encompasses, embraces and embodies all that is. It is the Life that animates and inspires all that lives.  It is all that Lives and is the Intelligence that blossoms in every activity of Life; It is a Love that knows Itself.  It knows Itself as me for I am the individualized self awareness of the One Life Now.

In this moment I am creating.  According to my thoughts I am building my life and my world now. Yesterday is a faded memory and tomorrow is a fiction that never arrives.  All there is is this moment; a moment based upon my thoughts and beliefs.  Right now and only now I am creating the life of my choosing.  In this breath I am creating my world according to my thoughts and beliefs.  Right now I consciously engage in my thought process.  With discernment I choose only thoughts that enhance my world view of peace and harmony.  I engage in the adventure of conscious co-creation, building a world of love and peace with every thought I put forward. I witness a world where opinion and judgement fall away until all that remains is a loving thought individualized to infinite diversity.  I see creation take hold and a world born of love and joy now as a sinless humanity steps out of the smoke and fog of confusion and into the light of love.

I see God work being done and I let it happen.  I am surrendered in gratitude to the perfection of this moment. It is Done.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  With this word, Now, I create a World that works for Everyone.

‘God’ Awareness Is Mine

God is All there is; God is Good and God is Love. God is the Power that serves Life for God is Life; a Life that is present in every life.  I am the living witness to this ‘God Presence’ for it is fully encapsulated in this moment this breath, this voice and this being. I am one of and one with God and what I speak is God’s Law upon my affairs.

Right here and right now I make the claim that all I see is through God’s eyes. In every moment I see the play of love.  I see the deep threads of relationship that draw every moment and every encounter into the workings of Truth. I see clearly how my actions align with all my affairs and I willingly adjust my thinking to align with this Truth.  My life right now is a reflection of this adjustment; my life is rich, full, joyful and vibrant. It is this way because ‘God’ Awareness is mine and because I live in complete integrity with the Truth I see.
Living this integrity is my joy and my passion. Living in surrender and gratitude is my joy. I am so very happy that I live in the opulence of God, that I am given over completely, all my heart can call is “Thank you God, thank you, thank you, thank you.”
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I see the greater picture today; I see heaven in my heart and my heart in every hand.

Transformed Through Truth

God measures the distance between heart and mind and sees no distance at all.  For the Infinite transcends time and space and is fully present in every point of It’s being; It knows no distance at all.  The Infinite is a Power unchallenged that encompasses all that could be, all that would be and all that has ever been. It is absolutely present in me, through me and as me.  I am one of It; the individualization of the Infinite.

In this moment I declare my willingness to be transformed. Life has been good and now I choose more. I choose to see life from a new perspective.  I let the unknown arrive into my awareness and relish that step onto a greater stage.  I recognize that who I am now is who I have made myself become. I realize that my thoughts are the tools of my creation.  Today I recreate my life.  I choose my tomorrow; the details are irrelevant because I am making a choice for Love and Peace.  I am aligning with my values and allowing my thoughts to be congruent with my dreams.  I know good is mine; I know God is with me and my gifts are already given.

I say thank you God as I release my word and accept the new me now.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I acknowledge what ‘is’ and put my whole heart into my new choice now.

I See The Life That Makes Me Whole

There is one infinite and profound life; that life is God’s Life, It is perfect, It is complete and It is all encompassing.  That Life is Love, Light, Joy and Beauty.  And wherever I see these attributes, and to whatever degree I am seeing them, I am looking upon the face of God. All that I see I see from within, the beauty and love and life is what I Am. I Am one of the Infinite and one with God.

I recognize right now the inexorable pull that draws me into the remembrance of who I am. I know that I am returned into that power already. I am simply awakening to the realization. I know my arrival by the workings of my heart, by the joy I feel and by the way that joy translates into my affairs.  More and more I discover how life is working with me; for me. As I awaken to that Presence within I realize that I am made whole and so too is all of life everywhere. As I am made whole so too is all of my world.

Today I rejoice for I see that I am home in the heart of God.  I am grateful and I am fulfilled.  In peace I release and let go.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  I am excited and I am Alive; Today my eyes are opened Wide.

Spirit is My Wholeness

There is one Life, infinite and all encompassing. It is the Power that moves through the heart of all things.  It brings joy to the innocent and peace to the turbulence and establishes harmony where it was forgotten.  It is the power that moves me, that moves through me, that is me.  I am the hand of the Divine, the individualization of the all; I am surrendered into It and the declaration of my heart is the whisper God made manifest now.

In this Divine moment I take stock of my being, I see into every point of my awareness and route out every habit of separation. I do away with the dysfunction of seeing myself as whole. I recognize that the seeing of my senses is a lie.  I simply abide in the wholeness of my heart, in that place within which in its vibrancy sets the pattern of my whole being. I abide in Spirit and Spirit is my Wholeness. I live from this place without a thought about whether or not I am.  I Am simply here to do God work and I get on with it now.

From my Oneness within I celebrate in gratitude, I recognize God in complete awe and bliss. I am awash in thanksgiving.  And I am freed of all personal agendas; I am simply called upon to surrender and that is what I do. I let go and I let God.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation:  God is my Wholeness; God is my Healer and today I live as what God made.

My Invisible Power

God is Life; all Life, and all Life is good.  It is the force of Love informed and every life is one of that. Every life is Love individualized and perfect. I am one of this Life and Love. I am the manifest expression of something wonderful, and I am living it to my fullest capacity.

What choices I live with integrity grow within me for I am tapped into a higher power. I understand that this Power is a power for good in this universe and that it is absolutely available to me. Recognizing this I have come to understand it as being of me.  It is my very nature to be powerful.  It is my very nature to add to a world of Peace and Joy and Love. I feel this Power within; I understand it, and I use it for a life that is very good. I use it for every loving action that I engage in and witness only growth, bounty and providence in my life now.

I do all that I do in gratitude to the Master Creator for I get that what I do is done through God’s Law and God’s Love abiding in me, as me. Knowing this truth and having declared it now I let go and let that power move into the affairs of my life as complete fulfillment now.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation: Today and every day I am Living Life to the fullest!

Known To Me Now

I breathe into the Infinite. I feel the full measure of It’s all encompassing presence.  I am in the field of the Divine.  It is All and I am one of It.
Today I celebrate this Oneness, I open up to the magnitude of Its presence and at the deepest level of my being I recognize and realize how completely I am known to It. I am owned by It and enjoy the complete freedom of all that It is as my rightful expression. My oneness with this Infinite is the promise of all that I would choose to know for all that Is is already known to It and available to me now. It is simply awaiting the passion of my desire. I give in to that Desire, I give it full reign, and let it take me forward.  I take very step to go in the direction of that inner star.  I step into the unknown and realize that each step is revealed perfectly in the midst of the step. And with every step good flows to me; a good that I know and recognize for before it was given I knew it was mine.
For this good I thank God. That is my only source; my only power, my only life and my only love. My gratitude runs high as I release this word. I feel it for I am basking in the bounty of Divine support for all that I am and all that I have. Given its completeness all that remains is this deep and profound release; I let go now and say thank you God.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation: There is One life; That life is God; That life is my life Now!

Good Comes To Me Now

I recognize that there is One Life, that this One Life is everywhere present and fully active in every point of Its existence. I experience that I Am the point of this Infinite Expression and that I Am expressing Its perfection right here and right now. I am one of this Infinite now.

In this viewing I clearly see the pattern, the threads, from thought to outcome. I see myself as the architect and I build my good.  I create my life, I design my encounters, I write my experiences and then I witness each one come into my occurrence. I savour the sweetness and joy of my encounters, I delight in the nuances of perfection; colour, texture and flavour.  I see how I have come to be a master creator. I see that I have sculpted the life from the abundant material God has delivered.  I choose now to collaborate with God to get the life of my dreams.  I recognize that as much as I know, God Knows All, so in this moment I willingly give over and invite the Divine to direct my hand.

I release my idea in the deep knowledge that it is already fulfilled. I give over in gratitude and let go to the Master Creator knowing it is already done and I am living that life now.
And So It Is

Today’s Affirmation: I accept this moment Now; as the moment of my great change.