I Go Willingly

The Universe is an infinite receiver and giver of Love. It is forever in flux and flow and It moves easily through the expanse of Its being. The nature of this One is creative. It is forever extending and the shape of Its extension is in the form of creation; the body of life, of every life, of my life now.  I am one of the Infinite and my life, this body, is the body of the One Life individualized.

Today I embrace the heart and soul of courage. I recognize that it is a call to action. And I accept the call.  Today I acknowledge my dreams and I move into them. I step out of my comfort and I stretch into my choices. I talk my talk and I walk my walk. I live in integrity with my dreams.
Today I let go of all judgments of myself and all others. I do not give credence to the opinions of my world.
I feel the Power blossoming in my heart and I take all steps necessary to move myself forward into a vision that is forever expanding. As clearly as I se my place in the grand plan of Joy I take steps to reach it. I know that every step I take brings me to a clearer vision and to a broader scope of vision. As I step forward with conviction and courage I discover the vastness of my expanding potential.

I am truly filled with awe and wonder. As I realize that my vision is God’s vision for me and that my courage is God’s unwavering call to bring me home. In complete gratitude today I accept this feast of Joy. I accept the blossoming of my soul and I accept that every step of my path is rock solid as hand in hand and heart to heart with the Divine. In this word I surrender and let it all unfold.
And so it is.

Affirmation: Courage is my key-word today; I take right steps and all things come my way.

Let’s do the Money Treatment by Dr. Raymond Charles Barker

I now subconsciously accept this treatment. There is only one Creative Cause, God. There is only one Mind, God. There is only one Life, God. There is only one Substance, God. This present universe is the Glory of God. It is moving, flexible, fluidic creation, it is alive with the Life, the Abundance, and the Richness of God. I abide in prosperity. Mind created me in order that It might act through me. Therefore, I am receptive to Its abundance. I am receptive to Its circulation in my life in the form of money.

Money is God’s Idea of circulation in my world of finance. I accept this Idea completely. I appreciate this Idea; I like it. Money being God in Action, is absolute good, it is wholesome. It is a blessing to me, and I am now prospered with it. I have no fear of lack for I believe that I have plenty of money. It is God’s Activity in my world. It is God’s Activity in my bank account. It is God’s Activity in my investments. It is God’s Activity in everything to which I lay my hands. This money is flowing; this money is free. I do not attempt to lock it up. I do not put a fence around it. It is God’s money, I let it flow in, I let it flow out. As I release it, I know that it comes back to me, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” I am now free in money. I rejoice in it. I appreciate it, and I thank God for it. I have money forevermore.

And so it is.


Affirmation: Money comes easily and frequently; I accept it and live in creative affluence.


Daily Inspiration: Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you? ~Fanny Brice

Today’s Affirmation: The authentic me is a beautiful me; I am safe to show myself with transparency.

Today’s Contemplation: Who you are exactly as you are is good enough because you are created of perfection. In fact once you have realized this you will discover that you are far more than good enough; you are one of Infinite Perfection and worthy of all good.  Step up and be that today.

I Use It

There is One Power; all encompassing and everywhere present. This power is self evident and self existent in all that is. All that ‘is alive’ is alive as God.  God is Love, God is Life, God is Opulence.  God is present in me and expressing as me. My life is God’s Life at the level of my acceptance and at the level of my acceptance I am the opulence of the Infinite.

Today I look deeply into my affairs and see the Divine at work. I see the full measure of my opulence and realize anew how blessed I am.  I see all that I have and all that I have to give and am left with a feeling of awe and wonder. I am so very blessed. Right now in the richness of this feeling I make a claim; that I know and experience more of who I am. I realize the opulence of my soul in all my affairs.  Money comes easily and naturally to me right now. I find that it shows up from unexpected avenues in quantities unexpected.  Things that fit with my desires show up ready to be put to use. Offers come that uplift and inspire me. I receive and All that I receive I use. And I find that I have more than ever to give and always the right recipients are at hand. I make a difference with all my giving for in all of it I give Love and in all of it I receive Love; the Opulence just keeps growing in my affairs, accounts and assets.

Still I give more because I love to give.  I give my gratitude, appreciation and thanks to that One Source of all my giving. I give up any concerns and simply dissolve into the Opulence of the Divine.  I give from the heart with all my heart and give over to the Divine as It takes care of the details; the delivery and destination. I surrender into my blessings knowing that my word is complete and that It is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I get it; I’ve got it, and I Give It.  I am truly Great-full.

Giving My Good

Life flows in an opulent stream of good into the avenue of Its greatest expression.  It is always flowing; It is always creating. Forever expanding in the depths of Its fullness It has found expression in the individualization of Its nature.  I am that individualization. I am the director of the Divine flow of opulence in my life for I am the thinker in my life.

In the vein of this flow I think my thoughts with clear intention. I choose; I choose the big events and I choose the passing moments. I choose for good, I choose abundance. I see my riches and eliminate every avenue of thought that would be out of alignment with my financial growth. I choose to no longer indulge in ideas of lack and failure. I choose now to only focus on the Truth; I focus on the magnificence of the universe, how it continually pours itself forth in such abundance. I see how nature continually pours itself forth in such rich expression. I see the creativity of humanity and how this creativity continually gives itself over to me. I see how I give and how the flow naturally returns to me. I continue to give and more keeps coming to me. By my giving I am receiving; my time, my energy, my money. I give in faith my whole tithe back to the source of all my good and It completely supports me.

In gratitude I give with a song of thanks upon my lips. I lift my thought, I lift my word and lift my work in complete appreciation, in Awe and Gratitude. In witness to how it pours back to me I surrender completely and let it be.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I give and receive with Joy and Ease.

I Change My Mind; Money Is Mine

There is One Infinite Field. It is the definition of Abundance for it is All that Is. It is the Creative Flow, forever Loving Itself into greater expressions of the Richness that It is.  It pours Itself forth into all of It’s creation, and every individuation of this Magnificent Whole is imbued with the opulence of that One Source.  I am the individualization of that One Source and as such my word is money manifestation.

In this point of power I declare that I am open and accepting of the flow of cash in my life. It comes to me easily and frequently, it comes through many channels and avenues always arriving before the needs and desires, always exceeding every demand. My consciousness of wealth is such that I always experience surplus. I am attractive to money; it loves me and comes to me. I am a money magnet and a money magnate.

I discover my own opulence today and I joyously give thanks to that One Power for all that is mine. I give thanks in the realization of my infinite storehouse. I give thanks in the realization of my many channels of wealth.  And I give thanks knowing that my wealth is my Divine inheritance delivered up to me in the instant of my desiring.  I give thanks knowing it is done.

And So It Is


Affirmation: Money is My inheritance now; I give it and receive it with ease and joy.

Healing Touches Me

God is All, God is Source and Supply and the Recipient of all that It pours forth. Every atom, every asteroid and the entire universe from the microcosm to the macrocosm; all is God. I am that, the individualization of that infinite vibration, one of the orchestration of Life itself. I am the word and I am the law. And it is done unto me as I decree.

So right now, right here this deep awareness finds refuge in my soul. By this awareness I am made whole.  I see clearly that being one of God means that I must be innately perfect even as God is. I must be perfect because God, being perfect could only create perfection. My every thought affirms this Truth. I claim perfect health with every activity, every encounter and with every passing day. In mind, body and spirit healing touches me and I feel uplifted.

I am so thankful for this power at hand, for this knowledge that it is working right now, and for my freedom to make this claim and know it is delivered. Gratitude has brought this word forth and gratitude surrenders it in the knowledge that it is Done.

And So It Is


Affirmation: I drop every ‘mask’ and let only the Light of Love shine through.

A Deeper Love

I reach into the very heart of my heart and realize that I am in the midst of All That Is. The greater contains and permeates the lesser and the lesser is filled to overflowing. I am the lesser, yet I am absolutely complete for all that I am is of that greatness, that eternal perfection.

In this moment I delve into those depths and discover that my nature is Love.  This is all that I am. I realize that my capacity for giving transcends with every loving gesture.  I choose to bring joy into each moment and every encounter.  I choose to be present with the ones I love.  I choose to love more completely all who are in my presence. I delve deeply into that sacred place within and discover the tools to cast away anger and fear forever. I give my mind permission to explore my heart and discover how Love can always be present in Its fullest capacity. I give my mind permission to surrender to my heart, to allow the presence of Love to reveal the full potential of Love’s great Joy; to be in laughter, gladness and heartfelt compassion in every moment. I choose to plumb the depths of my divinity and to live fully and completely from there.

I choose to celebrate now; to celebrate my achievement of every word decreed here.  I choose to celebrate the Divine giver of Life; All Life. I celebrate with gratitude upon my soul and thanks upon my lips for I know beyond knowing that my decree is the pleasure of the Creator and in the surrender that I offer up now it is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I look deeply at all I see, and there I find God looking back at me.

This Occasion Lifts Me

Central to every life is the Infinite Life. It is the Innermost and the Uppermost, all encompassing and all embracing. It is the Intelligence back of and permeating every life as every life, fully present and completely individualized. It is the Unity that is the full expression of my oneness; that which guarantees that I am the power in my life. And every moment of my being is a God moment made manifest through my willingness.  I am the microcosm of the macrocosm and all that It is is my potential.

I recognize now that with such a Power back of me, lifting me, that my success in life is guaranteed. I recognize that right here and now I have all that I need; all the tools, all the resources, all the support and all the time necessary to live the life that I would choose to live. To become the person I would choose to become. I am the microcosm in perfect accord with the macrocosm and I do all that is called for right now to create my heaven on earth. I do it because I know it and this occasion elevates me into my Joy.

My life is a celebration of gratitude to the magnificence of the Divine that has given all before ever it was requested; that has fulfilled this word before it was spoken. And so in this whelming joy I surrender this word as I give over to the dream made manifest. Thank you God.

And So It Is

Affirmation: It is Good, It is God, and So It Is for Me.

Heart Fullness

God is the great arbiter of Life. Being the whole of Life It is the active designer of all that is. And God’s design is for Love and only Love because that is the whole extent of God.  I recognize this Truth because it is the highest Truth of my being.  I am created of the One.  My whole being innately knows my Oneness and knows my proximity to this Eternal Life.  I am existing in and as that One, forever growing in Its pure and perfect demonstration.

Today I simply allow the full flavour of my love to arise. I get out of the way and let my heart take the lead. It knows what to do.  In complete surrender I let my heart lead me into Love’s revelation. I allow myself tbe the innocence of Divine Love and let my soul touch the whole. And that which I give finds it’s way back to me in richest of returns.

I am blessed and know that it is so. With a heart full to overflowing I give up my word in gratitude to the Infinite for I know that it is truly spoken and truly heard. So now knowing it is so I let it go bearing fruit to the very heart of my life; Done and complete.

And So It Is

Affirmation: The Perfect Love of the One Beloved is all I choose for me to know.