Forward Momentum

One Life, and that Life is moving; It is forever unfolding and enfolding all in It’s creative explosion of Self Love. This ‘One’ is the Infinite and It is incomprehensible in magnitude. Being ‘All Encompassing’ I am contained within the fabric of the Divine, My very being is the substance of Perfect Being unfolding. I am Creation unfolding and all that I touch grows for the very momentum of the Divine moves through all that I do.

Right now I know that things are happening; my dreams are blossoming and I am moving forward. All that I engage in grows and unfolds in Divine harmony. I continue with my attentive flow of fruitful thinking, I continue with my passionate attention forward, for I know that my thought is my soul’s creative urge and all things unfold according to my heart-felt desire. Today I am creating my joy-filled life with a forward momentum that cannot be turned. My every fibre is for God and only God comes of my work.

Filled with the joy of knowing my word is fulfilled I lift up my being in gratitude. My breath is thanksgiving and my heart is in awe for my life has already taken the shape of my word and Divine work is already done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I Am Power; I Am The Word! And I claim My Freedom Today!

Embracing Spirit

There is One Life; that Life is All Life, All Power, All Presence. It is the One Irresistible Source of all that is. That One exists in, through and as the totality of Its creation. In every point of Its existence It is fully present and fully available. It knows Itself, knows all that It is and forever gives completely of Itself to all of Its creation. I am that creation of this Infinite Creator; I am the Beloved of the Infinite Lover. I am the power of this One in all my affairs ordained to create according to my word and right now I speak my word and it is done.

I declare now the complete recognition of the power that I am. I know beyond questioning the One Source. I know It from experience; It is the power that resolves every detail of my life and It is the animation in my life that I Am. I allow this Power to come alive in my life as I release every thought that conditions in my life have power I know that all power resides in Spirit and that I Am Spirit individualizing. Right here and now I embrace this power and truth of my nature and actualize the presence of Love in all my affairs and above all conditions.

With joy, with gratitude I surrender my word and relax into my Truth; I embrace all that I Am, I embrace Spirit, and live the life of true demonstration. I live it as I give over in complete surrender to the One who has already made it so. It is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I step into the sun; I see the Light. I accept Love as I embrace Spirit in every detail Now.

Believing Into Being

Love is heavens first order for Love is all there is; the great multiplier, the One, the Master Creator from which all creation has sprung. God, that One, is All, in all, through all, as all that is, visible and invisible, measurable and immeasurable. All that exists is that One individualized, created and animated. I am that animation of the Divine, the servant of Source, creation of Creator and author of the affairs of my life and my world. My word now is my law and the hand that shapes my experience.

Today I structure my beliefs with conscious thought and pure intention. I build beliefs of love, joy and peace. I build my paradise with every word I speak for I am not made of food alone but from every word I speak. Where the world has chosen to bring pain and suffering my word speaks learning and awakening; I see the joy of the Beloved Master in witness to another moment of life remembering the value of love. Where friends, family and acquaintances have come to experience woe, sadness and resentment my heart speaks love and reconciliation; and the Masters joy is witnessed in all my relations. Where I have in the past transgressed into sadness, suffering and disillusionment I choose today to review; I revisit all the stories I told myself and retell them with Love’s intention. I change my mind, I change my beliefs and I change my world; I change my heart and discover love pouring in and heaven awakens in my world Today. I believe my world into being.

With a grateful heart I release my word and send my love into the world. With a thankful heart I give up and surrender this word knowing it is already fulfilled, for the One power has already made it so before ever it was spoken, and it is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I go beyond myself and make a difference in my world Today.

My Bonus Life

Life is more; more than reason, more than imagination, It is more than a measure, more even than the sum of all of Its parts; It is All. And this Life that is All Life is present right here, right now, in me, through me, as me. I am One with the Infinite and my word is the Word of the One made manifest now.

I declare right now the goodness of life, my life and every other life; I declare the perfection of all this life now. I declare the ever increasing spread of Love, in every life that was once devoid of warm heartedness, for Love is All. I know right now that this life is filled to overflowing with the blessing of Love. I am gifted in every way with all the things of my desiring and joy fills my every breath. My eyes are turned and tuned to beauty, and in all I see I look upon the face of God. Realizing the innate perfection of this life I celebrate the perfection that I Am and in the form of this life I give and share for I know that above all appearances I Am One and that which I give from I receive from and that which I give to is received by me. I know that this giving is good for all that is, being born of good, is good, is God. And all my life is, has, and forevermore is perfect. It is sprung from Perfection and complete in Perfection, never less than Perfection; this is my Bonus Life and I celebrate it now.

With a grateful appreciation I acknowledge this abundant blessing that holds my every breath, my every dream, and my life eternal as I release this word into the Divine Perfection that fulfilled it before ever it was spoken. It is done Now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: With this Word Now I send my Gratitude into the Heart of All Life!

I See My Blessings

The Infinite whispers Its Joy and It is heard by all for there is but One Voice and that Voice sings Its Love for All. Everywhere; in through and as the fullness of Its every aspect this Eternal One continues to know Perfection and what It knows It is. In this breath, in this moment, I know that I am filled with this Infinite, I am complete.  I am one with this Celestial Voice and as I listen I hear It; It sings to me, through me and as me. And as I hear I know I Am One with the Infinite Beloved of my being; and I am blessed.

In this deep realization I see my blessings; I truly see my blessings.  I see the blessing of Divine Love as It shows up revealed in all I have; my house, my friends, my family. I see the Blessing of sight as I look upon this world that showers its colours upon me.  I realize these blessings in the sounds of life all around me; in the sharings of friends and strangers and of the creatures of nature. I taste and smell my blessings with the richness and wonder inhaled with every breath that touches my palate. And with every loving caress of life as it brushes my body and soul I feel the Blessings of the Infinite in all their infinite presentations.

I am blessed so deeply and so completely that all that remains to me is a song of gratitude.  And I sing my gratitude with a willingness that release the overflowing joy I feel. I say “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” And I release this word. Swept up in the Ocean of Infinite Love it is fulfilled and I know it.

 And So It Is


Affirmation: I rest in the heart of Love; and All I Feel is Gratitude Today!

My Dreams Come True

Life in all Its splendour unfurls in majesty. It reveals Its glory for all to see. For all that 'is' is the individualization of It and all that ‘is’ is witness to It. The glory of Infinite and Eternal Self Expression forever dreams Itself into infinite expressions of Unique Perfection. I am One with this Infinite. I am the logical extension of Infinite Perfection and all that I am is the out-picturing of perfection; I am the action of the Divine.

Right now I speak my word into being and stand in witness to the Divine unfolding for it is done unto me according to my passion.  My passion is for Life; vital and rich. My passion is for the deep joy of Life to rise up in ecstasy and cascade into every aspect and detail of my life. My passion is for my dreams to come true; and they do. Right now, right here, Joy wells up in my soul. I feel nothing but the rich flow of circumstances into the synchronicity of this Joy filled moment. Right now I am a vital expression of the Infinite and right now every person who shares this path with me is lifted by my word for my Joy is only complete in perfect communion.  I see happiness around me, I see the joy of prosperous lives fulfilled. I see great things unfolding all around me in accordance with the Joy I feel as I witness the fullness of my dreams fulfilled.

My word right now is imbued with rich gratitude; the gratitude I feel. From the depths of my infinite potential rises up such a rush of thanks giving that I am truly whelmed in the bliss of right knowing, in the bliss of witnessing my dreams fulfilled. And so is it done; and so is it complete, It is spoken and it is heard. Thank You God.

 And So It Is


Affirmation: I desire Joy; I Have Joy; and that is why I Am Here.

Simple Blessing

Life transcends every aspect of It’s being. It Knows All for It is All and all that ‘is’ is It perfectly individualizing. Multiplicity resolves into One retaining the expression of individuation. In this the Eternal Wealth of the One is forever made available to all.  I am one with this Divine Infinite; I am infinite potential finding expression through my loving perception. It is done unto me as I believe.

Today I acknowledge and recognize the simple blessing that is my life. I realize the abundance that is conferred upon me.  I appreciate the richness of life and I show up in accordance with the opportunity of this moment. I am One and I know that I am One. In this Oneness I know beyond knowing that Love’s call for me in this moment is all that I have any need to attend to. I take simple pleasure in this simple blessing of prosperity that shows up so easily for me. Myriad avenues of financial abundance continue to flow into and through my coffers. My income forever exceeds my outflow and my outflow grows with every breath in this simple increase of the Infinite in my affairs. I find a blessing in the action that I take even as I feel the expanding affluence that I Am.

Gratitude rains forth from my heart and washes over all my affairs; I am Grateful. The Master Creator has heard this word and acted with Authority.  In ways I can not understand it is done; even as it is released this word is fulfilled now.

 And So It Is


Affirmation: One Life; God’s Life; It is All, and I Accept It as my life Right Now.

More Than Enough

One Life is expressing into all, as all, for it is Infinite and all pervasive.  This One unfolds in limitless splendour pouring Itself forth with unparalleled abandon.  It is enough and more than enough for every imaginable need and desire for It is the source of every need already met.  It is the Author and the Supply.  I am one with this Infinite Flow; all that I am is sprung from this Divine Affluence.

Today I know my ‘truth’ and that ‘truth’ reveals itself in all my affairs as the divine outpouring of Loves infinite abundance. I find that with every desire to share there is consistently more than enough to give with plenty left over.  And as I share from this heartfelt generosity I consistently discover unexpected increase. I discover that all things come to me effortlessly in time that I might give to the glory and celebration of the Infinite.  With every day, in every way, my generosity increases and as it does I find ever more cause and opportunity to share.

I rejoice in this deep feeling of affluence.  I rejoice in the knowing that even as the desire is resolved so too is its expression.  I rejoice gratefully in the knowing that my every desire is my kingdom lived.  For I know that my kingdom is the deep blessing of all my relations sharing in the profound Love that washes through me as me; the Love that demonstrates this word in utter satisfaction now.  It is done.

 And So It Is


Affirmation: In Love’s deep Joy I dance in my outpouring of Generosity Today.

I Accept My Good Now

There is One Life and that Life is Perfect. In every detail, in every nuance all that Is is the product of Perfect Intelligent Design. Perfect Life is individualizing as the eternal potential of All that It Is. I recognize now that I am that potential individualizing as my experience and affairs. I Am the Power of the Infinite made manifest and awaiting my decree. I know this and I speak my word; and It Is Law, it is done.

Right now I know that all good is my divine birthright, it is my inheritance awaiting my acceptance.  Today I accept my good! I accept enough and more than enough of the substance of life for all my needs.  Money, comfort and companionship are mine for I choose to live fully and appreciate the fullness of all that is good. I accept my vital health and fulfilling work; it is a joy to be in the flow. It is natural and right and I do live on the ‘right’ side of consciousness. In every detail my life is aligned with, and the expression of, Love for in Truth that is all I am.  Being Love I accept only Love and I live my good wholly and completely right Now.

What I live I enjoy. I am filled with gratitude for Infinite Good just keeps opening up in new and splendid ways. The floodgates of Heaven’s glory are revealed at every turn and my only word is ‘ThankYou’ as I accept this Eternal Good with appreciation that It is already and forever delivered right now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: Today I remember; … ‘There is Forever More Good.’  And I Accept It Now.

Lifted To Commitment

There is One Infinite Intelligence, It makes and It maintains for all that It creates is perfection. The very nature of perfection is eternality.  I am the creation of this One Infinite Intelligence. I am perfect, I am self aware, I am the author of the perfection that my life is. Being one with the Infinite in every detail and in full control of my affairs I speak my heart with the conviction and assurance that it is so.

I declare right now my commitment to live to a higher potential.  With every decree, action is revealed and with every revelation I step forward.  I feel inspired to act upon my word; I feel inspired to grow, I feel inspired to blossom.  I feel inspired to act at the highest level and what I feel I do. I have discovered the Divine in my life, in my heart and in all my affairs and the passion of my discovery is my commitment.  I am powerful beyond measure for my power is Divine Power as me, a Power that elevates my soul and my circumstances. In every moment I am on stage and performing for the Celestial Master. My desire and my actions are thus my best; in every moment I bring the full measure of my loving intentions to every event. I am on fire! I am Alive and I am Lifted to walk at the level of my choosing. And Life Itself grabs me and carries me forward.

Deep and profound gratitude arises with my passion, with my commitment and with my demonstration for I am in love with the Divine. My life is surrendered and has been swept into the folds of greatness. I have found my accomplishment through my yielding heart entrusted to the Infinite even as this word is. It is done; it is complete, it is fulfilled.

 And So It Is

Affirmation: I walk strong today for my commitment is made; I Walk In Love.