I Follow Through

In the Beginning was One Love; and that One Love continues through all eternity. Unwaveringly and inexorably It spreads Its wings ever expanding in creative splendour. Never slowing, never diminishing It sees the Light of Its being. In every aspect of Its creation, It says “Yes!” and there is more. I am the existence of this One individualizing. My word, my desire, is backed by infinite momentum and is already complete before it is spoken.

With absolute assurance I go forward. I am aligned perfectly with one true Cause. My word and my vision have sprung from the Source and are secure in their outcome before I gave them animation. Every thought inspired in love is eternal and its fullest expression is guaranteed in that moment of inception. In this knowing I move forward, I take action and I continue with pertinacity for I am about Divine work and it will not be thwarted.

I commence with enthusiasm and fill my day with gratitude. My work is awesome for my heart is flowing over with Awe of the Divine and corresponding thanksgiving. Every step is already surrendered to the One for I am simply in the flow of the Cosmic river of Creation that has arrived in completion already.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I Go forward today. I let the momentum of my heart drive my actions.

My Word Is Creative

All Life celebrates Its expression. The One Life forever dances Its incalculable magnificence through every aspect of Its Being; through all Creation. It has spoken and every form inconceivable came into being and ‘Is’ in this eternal moment. I am the perfect expression of the Infinite upon my affairs. I speak my word and all the tendrils of the Master Artist are spun.

Right now the dreams of my imagination take form. With every thought I spin my vision of a perfect life through my imagination; and it becomes me. Inexorably; my world has taken on the glow of my deepest imaginings. There is an aura, a radiance, to every aspect of my stewardship. People places and things are more radiant because of my creative word. Every aspect of my life is a tapestry of prosperity endowed with peace and harmony.

Today I am grateful. I am grateful for this Oneness which is the perfection of my life and the promise of my expression. A promise that is fulfilled before my mind found consideration. My word is surrendered into the breath of the One and it is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I have created a wave of love and bask today in the radiance of my God Thoughts.


Life is All; It is Love, It is Peace, It is Beauty and Power. It moves upon the face of Creation and I discover me. I am this Life, I am One with this Life, I am the expression of this Life and all I do is this Life individualizing as me.

By this profound awareness I find inspiration. I wake up alive with joy and anticipation. God work is at hand and I am the worker. God play is at hand and I am the player. I am called to action and I cannot sit still. I am inspired with every breath. I am uplifted with every action, every greeting and every meeting. My plan is before me and I take action today knowing only good transpires. I am building an empire of Love upon the foundation of Love for that is all I Am.

I sing praise and gratitude because my work is already done before it has begun. Where Spirit goes first It also goes last and the work of my soul was made complete by Its passing. In this wholeness of gratitude I release my word knowing only completeness.

And So it Is

Affirmation: Spirit is realized through my Joy Today.


Daily Inspiration: Love makes your soul come out of hiding. ~Zora Neale Hurst

Today’s Affirmation: Love calls me forth through the challenges of my life today.  I Show Up!

Today’s Spiritual Contemplation:When our lives seem to be working best challenges often arise; they are opportunities to practice our highest truth.  How we behave in those moments defines who we truly are. They also define our present opportunity for growth.  Will you take that challenge today?

Forward Is Revealed

Life is boundless in Its expression. It is forever extending a greater perfection of all that It is.  It is becoming and I am that becoming.  I am self realization deepening into the fullness of awareness. My awareness is my power and my word reveals all that I Am.

I declare in this moment that I Am a Divine birthing field of rich ideas. They come easily and frequently as their unfoldment is made possible in my life.  In every moment I am releasing my past and propelling myself forward.  Great ideas come as old patterns are released and my forward is revealed with momentum and direction. I am constantly shifted out of an old paradigm as the Infinite reveals new, exciting and globally relevant ways through my every thought, word and action.

I am the realized renaissance of my day today bound in the ecstasy of whelming gratitude as this word finds resolve in the Infinite field of creation already complete and fulfilled now.

And So It Is  

Affirmation: I’m stepping up to a Bigger Stage today; And ‘G.O.D.’ things are coming my way.


The ordered magnificence of Life in all Its expression is the pure reflection of Divine Perfection.  One Life moves forward in perfect and complete Joy.  It is All and all that exists is complete in It. I am that perfection individualizing into the order of my affairs.

In this moment I know there is an order to everything.  All things have their place and time. Everything that is has its value and finds its balanced place and time in my life I know my priorities and I act on them. With Spirit as the first order of my life I choose my foundations and build my pillars.  My consciousness is a powerful temple of the Infinite, built firmly upon a foundation of Joy, Peace, Power and Love. Every activity builds my world upon these principles and all my life abides in harmonious order.

I am rejoiced in the wonder of this perfection with a heart filled in gratitude.  It is Good. It is God. And It is Done.

Affirmation: I build in balance and harmony.


And So It Is

Straight and True

One Life is upon One Path.  That Path is all encompassing for it is All. None walk alone for all are one.  I am One with this Infinite and every individual; I am One with Life. My life is God’s Life and by my decree it is established in perfection now.

I declare upon this breath that I walk true.  My every step holds to the path that never wavers. Every thought and action is singular and fixed upon the One Source; I know It and It knows me.  By my knowing I hold fast to my bearing.  I do not waver for every step holds to sacred ground and my vision sees through the illusion, the insanity of separation, into the one holy light of love.  I am fixed upon my bearing, immersed in calm and bound in the harmony of singularity.

In this focus I am rested in appreciation, enveloped in gratitude and relaxed upon this straight path. I walk ever in the shadow of the Maker into which this word is released, knowing already its fulfillment Now.

And So It Is

Affirmation: In all paths there is One Way; I follow it Today.

I Think First

Infinite Life, Eternal and transcendent, exists in through and as all that is.  It is First Cause, and the author and existence of all that thinks.  There is no life that this is not; It is perfect and complete and It is my life as this perfect experience now.  I am the individualization of Divine Mind and my logo is the Law of my being.

Right now I breathe; and I think my dreams into existence.  All that I desire is formulated in this moment through clear, focused and aligned thought.  It starts with my first thought –this thought. In this breath I Know Life, it is full, it is complete and it is joy–filled.   I declare this Life as all I know. It is my first and only thought; the singular momentum of Love upon itself and it is complete.

Right now I great fully acknowledge a life that has been impacted perfectly by a clear and dedicated thought; One Life, One Love fully realized Now. This life is given over already complete back into First Cause, that Beginning without beginning.

And So It Is  

Affirmation: From First Cause springs my first thought; Love Is All There Is.

Let Go and Let Me

Woohoo; It’s One God! It’s All, in All, as All and It is alive in It’s Greatness.  It is Alive in me, through me and as the greatness I am.

I declare here and now that I am great, that I am wonderful and that I am stepping out of my old attachments and into this truth of my magnificence.  I shed every value that I once held in the worth of stuff realizing that all stuff is only the echo of Love and a poor mockery of true abundance.  I let it all go right now and become all that ‘becomes’ me. I give it all away and all that remains is the God that I Am. I enter sacred emptiness and realize my total wealth now in complete acceptance.

I exclaim my gratitude in this moment for my word has made me so even as I have acknowledged my good.  I am thankful that there is a Power to which it is easy to give over and in giving all that I Am is renewed with increase. And so my word and all I am is given Now.

And So It Is


Life is Good and Life is Full.  It is eternally springing into a greater expression of Its own Being.  All that ‘Is’ is operating to be the intensity of Life’s Infinite Joy, for all that ‘Is’ is Life ever expanding while neither increasing nor diminishing.  It is the Yes of Love forever becoming more. In and of this I have my being; I am Love; and the voice of Love upon my affairs.

I declare that the light of Love shines upon every corner of my life and all the expenditures of littleness diminish.  Today Love draws together and consolidates the joy and peace of my life until it is the fullness of my life.  And the fullness expands. Love increases and the power of love rules for where the Light illumines the darkness is banished back into the void of fear from where it arose.  All that remains is the Omnipresence of Love;, the Radiance of Light and Beauty and All Power. All that remains is God as Me.

In the Wonder of Life demonstrating as the richness of my life I surrender into the magnitude of Oneness. A song of gratitude returned into the Whole; the One Source of all Life now.


And So It Is

Affirmation: I Draw within and Spring Forward; my Resolve and Focus are Great Today.