September 21, 2012

Treatment –I Give My All To Now

One Life is fully present, that Life is all life and It is fully alive in each life. It is Life and knows Itself as the life that is individualized as me right here and now.  Recognizing that I am animated by this source Consciousness and living the power of It’s presence into my affairs I declare my choice knowing it is already done.

I choose to be fully present right here and now. I choose to give my self fully into the life that this moment is.  I dress up and show up knowing my glory is unfolding fully in this moment. I declare good and know that good is all that pervades my experience because I am singular in my intention and my intention is the One Life expressing as me, through me.  Based upon this awareness I take action.  I know it is right action because I am inspired for a greater good.  I give fully in time, in action and in abundance for the One Life has never failed me and in this I know I could never fail. I know in this One Life I am prospered more than I can ever give;  failure is not an option, failure is not a possibility. Success is mine in this moment.

With an open and grateful heart I raise my word, I give it wings and I let it fly. As I surrender I let it fly.  Divine will has already given it life and outcome. It is done.

And So It Is

Affirmation: I Am fully present and fully alive Right Here, Right Now.


Namasté, Rev Dale

September 14 2012


Treatment –The Circulation of Good by Rev Dale

Life is Good and Life is All.  Being all It is everywhere present in all things at all times maximally.  Being Good It accepts only the best in any moment.  Anything less than the best is the illusion of the senses.  I am one with this Infinite Good for I exist, therefore all the Good that ‘It is’ is already mine for my existence can only be of the One. I live, move, breathe and have my being as the creative expression of the Infinite.  I speak my word and it is Law.

Right now I declare that I am one with the circulation of the infinite opulence of the Divine.  Every fibre of my being reflects this because the very essence of my being is this. I surrender in this breath every false concept of lack and limitation because the very notion of any restriction in the Infinite is absurd.  God is good and God is all and I am the individualized expression of this allness in the truth of my being and thus in every aspect of my affairs.  I am the circulation of the Infinite, I am the circulation of good; that which I am is apparent in all my affairs for they are the reflection of my decree and conviction.

I stand in the authority of my word with a joy-filled heart for I know that all I am is God and all I am is good and in this word is the promise of all that does come to me.  Wit deep gratitude I declare this word surrendered completely in faith Now.
And So It Is

Affirmation: I give my whole being to the One Life, And I receive unlimited returns.

September 07 2012

Law Works by Rev Dale

The Master of Creation acts in and upon Itself.  It thinks and becomes All that is, It contemplates perfection and all that It ‘is’ is perfection.  Life unfolds in Divine order.  This Life is my life at the level my apprehension; it is all that I am and my every thought is in alignment with the highest good.

Right now I know that I am living the joy of my right thinking.  The prosperity I experience now is the natural flow of Law in action.  It happens because I know beyond knowing that I am the expression of Divine Affluence in all my affairs. My every encounter is rich and fulfilling, I am a natural magnet to awesome people because the Law is and Light knows only Light; wherever I go there I Am.  I see the joy of being me in every opportunity and creative opportunities pour forth for my good.  It is all so because my thinking is clear and in accord with Infinite good.

I celebrate and rejoice for my good is assured by an exact and all present Law.  It works.  Right here; right now It works; my gratitude abides in the continuity and consistency of Divine Law.  Halleluiah, It Is Working Now.
And So It Is


Affirmation: I know the Law; I use It, and My Life Shows It Now.

August 22 2012

Strong Enough

A Power is Alive in all that I see; springing from the very foundation of substance and form it is that substance.  It exists as the very fabric of life holding sway over all that is visible and being All that is invisible; It is the One Force from which all life finds its breath.  I am that Power, my whole being is made manifest by this Power and all that I conceive is given depth and dimension by Its divine presence.

In my unwavering conviction of the transcendent Force behind my every word and action I find my own strength.  My word creates kingdoms that are unshakable.  Legions move at my command and Love in its unshakable fortitude conquers every little detail.  All good rules my life and experience, great events and small resolve into synchronicity with my every desire and I discover again and again that I am more than strong enough to realize my dreams.  I go forward unflinchingly past the riptides of my own fears and doubts to stand upon the solid ground of my great achievements.

I take those first steps now for I know that by my resolve and faith in my invisible Ally of power and strength my success is already determined. I sing my victory song of gratitude in a spirit of expectancy as I pass my word forth into the strong arm of the Infinite; my team mate of success. It is done Now.
And So It Is                                 August 26th, 2012

Affirmation: I am elevated today by the power of my faith.

August 16 2012


In Awe of Life by Rev Dale

Divine Life saturating Its infinite wholeness with Its sweet perfection, is all, in all, as all.  It stands at incomprehensible heights beyond the greatest of human awareness and conceptualization.  It is the Whole; It is the One.  Of this infinite perfection I exist, I am the whole of this Infinite Beingness at the level of my comprehension.

I know the blessing of the Divine Life that pulsates through my every fibre as the very substance of my being.  I am in complete awe of the power available in my surrender, that power which transforms every appearance of chaos into the magnitude of peace that transcends comprehension and definition.  I am in continual wonder as this fluid perfection washes over every apparent disturbance of my life and instantly establishes harmony and bliss.  My life is filled and fulfilled to overflowing with the graces of beauty, joy, love and peace.  It finds its way into every catacomb of my soul until I am gorged in Its Holy Sweetness and all I know is bliss.

I am in eternal gratitude for the awesome presence of the Infinite revealed in every detail of my life and affairs.  Thanksgiving washes over me with every breath for I live in the opulence of the Divine; completely satisfied in every way as I give the fullness of this word away Now.
And So It Is                                                                     August 19th, 2012

Affirmation: A crescendo of silences washes through my soul Now!  And all that remains is Loves sweet reprise.

August 09 2012


I Stand for the Vision

There is One Life, Author of all that is visible and invisible, Divine Creator and Master of Life.  I am One with this Infinite and all that it is, my life is the outflow of this One and is the individualization of perfection. My thoughts extend from the One and are made manifest.

I see clearly a pattern of perfection that reverberates from the core and essence of my being.  I am attuned to it; it resonates and blossoms from my soul, my core; it is who I am.  It is the vision of my being, the vision of One life living Its truth of peace, love and joy extend through the pores of my body and the breath of my senses.  I am imbued with Divine Vision and my every action is alive with the anticipation of its unfolding.  I live from this vision; I act from it and my world reflects it in detail.

Great things are already happening now in my world and I rejoice and celebrate from the power of my passion fulfilled.  It is done now and released into Source wholly right Now.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I am one with the community of my dreams; bigger, better and more fulfilled than ever I had imagined before.

July 25 2012

Treatment – Lifted In Joy by Rev Dale

Infinite Life springs forth in Joy incomprehensible; It moves all life into greater vistas of celebration in Its urge to know Itself in wholeness, fullness and completeness.  Ever extending the Love of Its being into the intelligent and joy filled expression of Its supreme magnificence it individualizes into multiplicity.  The One stands witness to Itself as me, in me and through me; and by my word I attest to the infinite patterns of joyous perfection.

My life is a joy; in every way it reaches into the possibility of perfection.  Through dedication to the principle of oneness I bind my every action and experience to all that is good.  With every thought of peace, joy and the communion of wellbeing I enhance my society, culture and environment.  I find deeper ties with those I love and those I meet.  Every moment is a co-incidence as I am bound in vibration to all patterns of joy everywhere.  Things go well, for life is good, and the experience of play dominates even my most rigorous and challenging moments.  As joy dominates all my affairs I realize that my life is Joy now.

My heart sings joy; gratitude and thankfulness define my every word and action as Joy is revealed at the most fundamental vibrational level of my being.  From this vibration the pattern of appreciation is defined through every layer of my experience.  My truth is defined in infinite bliss as my word is unleashed upon the face of the Divine. It is done already.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I am lifted up by my light heart and find a dance in my soul today.

July 20 2012


My Walk Is True

One Intelligence; universal and intimate, ‘It is’ because It is all that is.  It is Life, It is Love and all that I am is that.  I live move and have my being in and as the individualization of this One. 

My every thought is an alignment with Divine Principle. I take my steps and walk my walk upon the solid foundation of The One.  My every action springs from my absolute knowing that it is Divinely oriented.  I am in constant communion with the Infinite and my every action evolves from the Word alive in me, as me.  I am unfaltering and my walk is true.  My every thought is a whisper next to the greatness of the One Voice that inspires my work.  My life is true and my walk is true and I am alive in joy.

From the very fabric of my being gratitude whelms up and washes over.  My life is a joy-filled song of thanksgiving.  I walk in the embrace of the beloved and it lifts me. I stand in awe and gratitude as I release this word to the One who has given it form now and completely.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  My love makes footprints across my soul; my path is directed to the Whole.

July 12 2012

Source Within

There is Light; It is self existent, transcendent and indwelling all that is for It is all that is.  I am that; I am the self existent illumination of the Infinite upon my affairs at the level of my realization.

I know the truth of my power and know it springs from within.  I know that all power exists within and is available right now as the potential of my greater good.  I recognize that this power is the incomprehensible Love of Infinite Life.  I am clearly aware this Love dictates all events and their out-picturing upon my affairs.  All is good that springs from Living Goodness.  As my intention is good, and I am surrendered to the paths of good for all in all my affairs, I know that my experience is forever blossoming in a greater expression of abundance.  From the very source within my life is realized in opulence.

I am awash in gratitude for my every breath and the abundance it reveals springs from that sacred source within.  And all good is mine today in all ways.  In faith it is done.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I raise my eyes and return to the light of Love today.

July 06 2012


I Treat Me Good

One Life extends in perfect harmony and synchronicity.  Being all, It is the orchestration of all, it is the continuity and cohesion of all life everywhere. Every life in every form is the clothing of this One Life.  Every life is this One Life stretching into perfection.  I am that life at the level of my apprehension.

In this moment I claim fuller awareness of the life that I am.  I see my perfection underlying every action, every decision and every thought.  I focus on the good thoughts and so dress me up in good clothes.  I choose to see my experiences as the clothing of my thoughts and beliefs and recognize now that I have an infinite wardrobe.  It is a classy wardrobe because I hang with the most loving of minds. I choose an environment of God consciousness and infuse my being with that new awareness.  I love me well and I prove it; I treat me good.  I share freely of my new style for it is the fabric of a New World.  My habits are life enhancing, my patterns attract greater experiences of good, of health and prosperity for all.  My life is revolutionized and revolutionizing in every way by my deep wellness thinking.

In transformation I am grateful; the new me no longer recognizes who I once thought myself to be.  Joy is the order of the day; it is my way, it is my truth, it is my garment and it is my choice.  I celebrate deeply this newfound way of thinking.  I celebrate the new me knowing it is who I am, who I have always been and who I choose to be.  In this invocation I release to the Infinite Now.  It is done.
And So It Is

Affirmation:  I love myself and I show it.  I relax in the rays of my soul today.