Feb 20 2008


I have improved immensely.  By diligent attention I have learned to be consistent.  The learning may have started from a motivation to please others.  Unfortunately that form of motivation never found consistency within me.  It finally came from a drive within to become personally empowered. 


First I started claiming ownership of my thinking.  I started to see my thoughts as a whole lot of ideas I had accepted from dubious authorities.  I came to realize that every idea I accepted from somebody else was an act of giving away my power at the most fundamental level. I had been taking the accuracy of my thoughts for granted simply because I liked certain people.  And I was making those thoughts mine. 


Once I had owned them I couldn’t let them go or change them at the risk of letting myself appear stupid.  Whether I had swallowed a line from some other uninformed believer or not I had chosen to accept every idea I used to frame my life and relationships.  My good opinion of myself demanded that I should not easily admit errors in judgment, to admit my mistakes would have undermined what I viewed as ‘a strong sense of self esteem’.


So the time came for me to start looking at the beliefs I held so dear, to weigh them in the most discerning way I could, and to discard them when they didn’t work. 


Some thoughts were easy to discard, any that I saw as bigotry went quickly.  Many that weighed against the laws of the land, stealing and such, when noticed, were also easy to discard.  Yet I found that as I progressed it became increasingly difficult to find those beliefs.  I turned to science; a belief had to, where measurable, equate with scientific law.  Again this process proved relatively simple, and it helped that I had always held a scientific outlook.  It did not help that Science, Religion and Politics were so fundamentally opposed to each other.  I couldn’t just throw out all Religion because it was in opposition to Scientific Law, nor could I throw out all Science because Religion held the moral ground.  And where politics provided a harmonious and healthy living environment it had to be maintained.  I realized I had to look at my beliefs individually; I had to find some way to measure each one without encumbering myself with an intellectually deadening process. 


Finally after years of trial and error I arrived at a measure; I developed three questions to ask myself that seemed to work.  Did my belief cause me pain or discomfort or did they increase my sense of well being?   Did it in any way as a belief decrease from another’s personal freedom to think or act for their well being? And did my belief promote a world of greater peace, joy, beauty, love and life? 


The last step was to be willing to chase my beliefs back to their seed thoughts and thereby release any ill judgments I may have imposed upon myself or another.  When I started to follow this practice I discovered a freedom within me to follow my passions, to do the things that brought me joy.  I discovered old relations healed and new found fulfillment.  One of the side benefits I discovered was a freedom to give without expectation.  More importantly, because I had come to own my own power to think, the expectations of others became irrelevant.  I was giving because I wanted to give as I wanted to give and the greatest getting was all coming from an indwelling essence that started and continues to grow.  I discovered giving for the sake of giving.


I no longer take much for granted; I understand that what I love grows because I give in to it.  I have discovered a deep compassion through this realization because I now see that no-one gets anything except to the degree that they give.  More and more I realize that we don’t get good deals or freebies; as we give things come to us.  They come to us in exact correspondence to our desire and willingness. 


I know many people who have filled their lives with clutter and junk in their attempts to get things for cheep; they are typically cheeping themselves.  When we give to the highest level we are able we are stretched to greater degrees.  We attract quality because we give quality; we increase our worth because we are worthy givers. 


Do you have good friends; then you give your soul as a friend.  Do you have quality belongings; then you put your soul into the quality of your thoughts and actions.  Do you find your life abundant?  If you do you will find your heart and soul is given to creating abundance.


I no longer fret about others taking me for granted because I recognize their disappointment is their loss when they have not invested of themselves and sought only to give little for much.  When we give much to the things we appreciate we empower them to grow; and we grow with them.

February 13 2008


Unfortunately for most of us that time is granted through some form of infirmity, either disease or disaster.   No matter what the circumstances which moved us out of apathy and into conscious awareness looked and felt, they were potentially the best days of our lives.  Why?  Very simply when we grew tired of our pain, when we decided to make our lives change, our faith began to shift. 


Often we think of faith as ‘this something’ that if we really grunt a lot we can make bigger. This is a hand me down belief from a paradigm that sought to disempower the individual and promote a theory of individuals as autonomous and independent islands of consciousness. That paradigm is quickly crumbling and we are beginning to understand faith in a new way as we rediscover the magnitude of who we really are as unique divine expressions.  Some sixty to seventy years ago Dr. Ernest Holmes pointed out in his volume “The Science of Mind”, we all have all the faith we will ever have, and we each have as much faith as the most faithful in the world.  The only difference between us and them is where we put our faith.  Most of us put most of our faith into lack, limitation and opinions of disease and suffering.


So when we are struck by disaster in our lives we are often jolted out of a dysfunctional and counterproductive way of seeing ourselves and the world.  Apathy is no longer acceptable.  At this moment, with only the smallest of loving nudges from some angel or another; the neighbour, the hairdresser, co-worker or a loving family member, we realize our role as co-creators of our experiences.  We start awakening to how our thoughts, feelings and actions have been the direct cause of our ‘so called’ misfortune, and we start to make concrete changes from an understanding that we never want to return to such darkness.


We realize the first step toward creating a new experience is thinking in a new way, in a way that is living from a greater vision rather than in a dysfunctional experience. 

And this is where the new focus of our faith comes in; just because we change our thinking doesn’t mean we have immediate results.  In fact it is just the opposite.  As Jesus said faith is believing in the invisible.  In other words we must believe in the power of our thoughts alone to bring us into a new experience and we must believe with such conviction that, for no other reason, we start acting from the place of promises fulfilled, of already having achieved the experiences of our desires.


We who are now sharing these words understand this on some level already, if not in our hearts then certainly in our heads; nothing I have said here is really new. 


Yet many people go the other way, the spiral downward continues.  When their crisis came they were alone, if not physically then certainly emotionally.  They didn’t see their angels, even when angels were there.  They moved from apathy to helplessness; they are lost and will remain lost until someone reaches out to them.


That is where each one of us comes in, every one of us who is discovering our magnificence in daily meaningful ways has been blessed again and again by angels.  Somewhere on my journey I must choose to be the angel who rescued me.  I must willingly reach out to another when I hear them say “I am willing to be changed.” I don’t have to know how. It isn’t about knowing how. This is a divine urge afire within each of us and a key step upon our evolutionary journey.  Heaven appears to each one of us when we truly learn to give; not of ourselves but of this infinite love pouring through us and becoming the magnificence that we are to the world and each other.”

February 05, 2008


Not necessarily, not when we come to believe in the eternality of the soul, a soul with an agenda to awaken to its ability to self determine all events and encounters.  In teachings of New Thought such as the Science of Mind we believe that every human being has the power to choose the experience and chooses that experience by their individual patterns of thought both conscious and unconscious.  We believe that every individual has a deep drive, a desire, to realize their own potential. Accordingly this awakening can only happen as we take control of our thoughts and subsequent feelings.  Every time we allow outside information move us away from even subtle feelings of good we are disempowering ourselves. 


As New Thought practitioners and practitioners of the Law of Attraction it is important that we consider the sovereignty of every soul.  We must ensure that our thoughts and actions are not infringing on their freedom to choose; even when we believe their choices are causing them to suffer.  We think and choose our lives by free will. And interfering with the free will of another person by projecting upon them our personal concept of their greatest good is a form of trespassing.  It is an invasion of their personal sovereignty.


This is a very important issue not just for the person we may be wanting to help but also for ourselves because laws do not play favorites, they work all the time, even when we are unconscious of what we are doing.  So if we are unconsciously interfering with another person’s life and choices we are still interfering and the Law of Attraction is still working on us.  And we will get, in exact measure to our mental and physical output, an experience that aligns with our meddling.


Still it is human nature to desire to help another person.  The single greatest joy in life is to truly be able to participate in the enrichment of another life. All one need do is witness the elation on the faces of parents of newborns.  So how do we help?  We do best to wait until they ask for themselves and not when they ask for their children co-workers or spouses.  When a person asks for him or herself they are consciously or unconsciously giving permission. 


When waiting is not possible we can always think thoughts of them learning what they need to learn in order to experience life in a richer, more fulfilling way.  Beyond all of this we can still choose to act with full awareness that we are possibly overstepping their own volition.  We can act with awareness that our actions will have results that we have chosen to accept even if those experiences are less than we may want. 


Always the most important factor in our willingness to help, as in all areas of our lives, is that we enter into our thoughts and actions consciously and with an intention to be a part of everyone’s highest good.  And always the most difficult task in helping another is getting out of the way and letting them find themselves.


So once again I choose to risk the opinions of my acquaintances while empowering those in need and supporting them to discover how powerful they really are.

Jan 30 2008

So my chosen path continually creates for me new forms of discipline; daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities that draw me back to the only thing that is truly important to me, my own inner awakening.  Every year in January I offer a vision, passion and goal setting workshop so every year I review my vision for myself and recommit to the activities that nurture me. 


Recently I had a brief chat with a longtime acquaintance.  She recognized she was in a rut and wanted to change but didn’t know what she wanted.  I told her she just missed a goal setting and visioning workshop I offer every year.  She responded with “Oh, I don’t believe in this New Year goal setting thing.  She is not alone, for many years I didn’t either.  In fact my leaning was toward a recent quip I read, “Resolutions – they go in one year and out the other.”  I believed they were only for people who couldn’t make up their minds, who had low self esteem or who were over achievers with no real social life.  I didn’t understand the principles of empowerment involved in clearly setting our intentions.


Eventually I realized I had dreams and desires slipping away while I meandered through an unaccomplished life.  I was getting no closer to a sense of real fulfillment… except where I had inadvertently made a solid declaration, usually in some state of desperation.  I was living in a perpetual state of mental turbidity.  I didn’t know what I wanted, not clearly, not with certainty.  My greatest opportunities could have come knocking at my door and I wouldn’t have recognized them.  In fact they did, but I was so completely caught up in making my life work with what I had I didn’t see my moments of grace until all likelihood of pleasure and possibility fell away.


In desperation I changed my life (not that I had any real choice), I made some clear decisions about what I wanted in work and relationships.  I didn’t really do anything different, I didn’t know how.  Somehow some power corresponded to my declarations, new people came into my life and they brought with them new opportunities, doors were opening.


It was still years before I discovered I had actually set goals.  It was still years before I woke up to the realization that I had actually achieved goals. 


Then I had to learn how to do consciously what I had managed in desperation.  I started to develop a vision for my life; in a sense I started to see myself operating on a higher plain of existence.  I could see myself in two realities, one existent on this very real physical plain and the other a more esoteric reality.  One that was very malleable and seemingly unstable.  Every thought appeared to alter that existence.  My goals were like semi permanent pillars adding stability to this flimsy world, granting a modicum of firmness.  It seemed the longer this tenuous and malleable reality remained the more it transferred into my actual physical existence.


I still have not mastered this process, I am after all still easily distracted and major distractions completely disrupt the fabric of this ethereal world of creation.  Still my discipline and passion continue to improve my focus and thus manifestation.  By far the action that has helped me most has been my continued desire to be available to others as a helpmate on their own spiritual journey.


Goal setting, visioning, mind mapping and other methods of clarifying our thoughts may not be necessary to some people on their spiritual journey.  Yet when the journey you are on is not working for you I strongly encourage you to find some spiritually based goal setting workshop.  For me visioning has become the route of least resistance and greatest joy.  Every time I see the object of my vision appear in my physical realm I have some small sense of elation.  Another piece of my highest vision has been realized.