Daily Inspiration: No matter how thin you slice it, there will always be two sides. ~Baruch Spinoza

Today’s Affirmation:  My love embraces and my love expands; and I embrace both sides of my love.

Today’s Contemplation: The human mind often goes to good and evil when confronted with opposites; this is incorrect and counter-productive thinking. The truth of opposites is in the inclusivity of Oneness.  Polarity simply expresses the Creative Nature of an Infinite that already contains all there could be.


Daily Inspiration: To change who you are, change who you think you are. ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Today’s Affirmation:  I let go of every attempt to make my life better. I have already found my perfection within.

Today’s Contemplation: When one lives in the faith of ones convictions old patterns give way and one begins to move in the direction of those convictions.  And all that gives way ceases to exist without the support of Spirit.


Daily Inspiration: Happiness is the absence of the striving for happiness. ~Chuang-tzu

Today’s Affirmation:  I let go of every attempt to make my life better. I have already found my joy within.

Today’s Contemplation: Searching can never find the Truth for it is present everywhere in all things and searching implies that it is missing.


Daily Inspiration: There is poetry as soon as we realize that we possess nothing. ~John Cage

Today’s Affirmation:  I let go of every distraction that stands between me and Spirit within.

Today’s Contemplation: It is easy to let go when no thing is perceived as having value.  In order for this to occur one must first discover the magnificence of Spirit within, not just oneself but within all life everywhere.  When this happens there is no question of distraction; all is equally beautiful.


Daily Inspiration: The need for praise and recognition is inherent in man.  You respond to praise as much as you cringe under condemnation. ~Raymond Charles Barker

Today’s Affirmation:  I listen to the voice of God within; that voice forever whispering, “I Love you, you are beautiful.”

Today’s Contemplation: The world will never give an individual all the praise they need.  It is not possible.  The only ones who receive enough praise are those who have heard God’s whisper from within.


Daily Inspiration: I have learned that sometimes ‘sorry’ is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change. ~Claire London

Today’s Affirmation:  I change myself from the inside out today; I bring Joy into all I do and say.

Today’s Contemplation: Real change always happens first on the inside.  It is rarely comfortable or natural.  There must be a desire that is greater than the discomfort that is anticipated. The results of the conscious choice are always better than the previous experience and you won’t need to apologize for the same thing one more time.  Just do it!