Daily Inspiration: Your mind is a garden, Your thoughts are the seeds, The harvest can be either flowers or weeds. ~Author Unknown

Today’s Affirmation: I uproot the weeds and plant flowers today; my garden is the display of my intentions; nurtured, tended and beautiful.

Today’s Contemplation: You can think to remove the thoughts from your mind that you no longer care to nurture.  The most common practice for this is forgiveness; not an act bestowed upon another, rather it is an act of relinquishing a personal sacred venom and replacing it with a loving thought.


Daily Inspiration: Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. ~A Course In Miracles

Today’s Affirmation: I have discovered that my world is working for my happiness today and every day it gets better.

Today’s Contemplation: Change your mind and literally all your troubles will go away; if you change your mind to Oneness.


Daily Inspiration: Things are only impossible until they’re not. ~Jean-Luc Picard

Today’s Affirmation: I do the ‘impossible’ every day; I remain happy and centred in each and every moment.

Today’s Contemplation: When one can stay centred in any moment the tyranny of confusion falls away and only good is revealed.  It is the wavering heart that suffers the fate of duality Be singular in your choice for good; for peace, joy, light and love and that will be your deliverance.


Daily Inspiration: The most important part of prayer is what we feel, not what we say. ~Peace Pilgrim

Today’s Affirmation: My heart speaks true today and the words will find a way.

Today’s Contemplation: Let your prayer be a meditation for joy, for love, prosperity and peace.  Feel it deeply, listen deeply, and you will find the answers come.


Daily Inspiration: In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. ~Albert Camus

Today’s Affirmation: Within my heart all of heaven lies, and the sun shines every day for me.

Today’s Contemplation: Truly the weather in any persons world is the product of the conditions within.  Live in the joy of your heart and you will be blessed with good weather.  Forget this and the storms shall move in.


Daily Inspiration: Know, O my child, that each thing in the universe is a vessel,
Full to the brim with wisdom and beauty. ~Rumi

Today’s Affirmation: I have chosen to see beauty everywhere; and there It is.

Today’s Contemplation: Wisdom is simply the unreserved act of responding to beauty.  It is the act of seeing through all appearances of darkness directly to the light that abides at the centre of every life, everywhere and then acknowledging it.


Daily Inspiration: Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it is a permanent attitude.”
~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today’s Affirmation: I let go and I let God run my life; and in every way I make better choices today.

Today’s Contemplation: Forgiveness is a continuous act of letting go; letting go of ones own anger, frustration judgement, guilt and any other feeling that comes up in relation to others and the world at large.  Forgiveness may be inspired by the acts of another but it is never really about the other person.  It is ultimately about allowing oneself to be changed through the act of letting go of our own toxic thoughts.


Daily Inspiration:  If we are too busy, if we are carried away every day by our projects, our uncertainty, our craving, how can we have the time to stop and look deeply into the situation-our own situation, the situation of our beloved one, the situation of our family and of our community, and the situation of our nation and of the other nations? ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Today’s Affirmation: I am attentive to my subtle feelings today as I clear my mind of superficial business.

Today’s Contemplation: By attending to yourself you give yourself the capacity to be present for the ones you love. Show up for yourself before your projects and make happiness your first project today.


Daily Inspiration:  The more we let ourselves be one with God, the more we discover our own true nature, the more we reach perfection. ~Jon Mundy

Today’s Affirmation: The Joy that I am is God’s choice for me.

Today’s Contemplation: Let your life choices lead you ever more fully into Joy. When joy is not alive in the moment and is not the outcome of your yesterdays then open your heart and your eyes to a new path. Be brave and make fresh starts while remaining true to your heart.


Daily Inspiration:  Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny. ~Tryon Edwards

Today’s Affirmation: I am destined to greatness for my only thought is God.

Today’s Contemplation: Think single-mindedly on the highest vibration of your desire. Let nothing faze you. For even if you do not realize that desire you will realize your greatest desire for as you grow with your desires they evolve with you.